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Email notifications from Dell OpenManage?


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Email notifications from Dell OpenManage?

  • Hmm, not sure on that. I don't use Gmail to send my notifications, I just use on-site SMTP relay that I've set up on my client's servers in IIS. Possible that outbound 465 is being blocked? Wouldn't tend to think that outbound is blocked, but some of my clients only allow outgoing port 25 or 587 out from certain internal IPs to help combat spam originating from their networks. I dunno man, maybe search Google boards for Gmail smtp relay port 465 timing out, or something?

  • Also, you using the DNS name for the relay server may have something to do with it. Do you have an internal IIS SMTP relay to test with? Should be free/easy to set up if you have OM installed on a windows server box. I've used it with 2003 and 2008 both.

  • Just dropped this onto my new PE T-320,  Beautiful Nick, you are the best.

  • I'm still very surprised that this functionality isn't built-in. Email alerts are such a key component to make us Sys Admin's lives less-hectic. 

    I've got this SMTP Notify working on probably 10 Power Edge servers so far, and my clients are really appreciating the proactiveness (is that a word?) it gives them.

  • I had to add EnableSSL="True" after the port line to get it to connect...

  • Nick,

    What editor did you use to modify the Config.xml file?




  • Not to answer for Nick but I would think any text editor (notepad, etc...)

  • Thanks Tim!

    I was able to get it to work, and it sent a message to my email saying "Watchdog ASR" which is the first alert in the list. I tried to simulate a failure by disconnecting on of the two power supplies, but it did not send me another message alerting me about the failed power supply. Is there anything else I need to define or do to get alerts?




  • Never mind - I figured it out. Thanks.

  • Dear Friends,

    i was looking for email alert in Dell Open its quite old post there any solution from dell we can received email alert for temp etc. i downloaded files and put up my smtp details into file. now how to work with it

  • Dear Nick,

    i downloaded file and also edit my details in file. now i am lil confused how to work with it . please help

  • Dear Nick,

    i have downloaded file and also successful test message. now how its going to work automatically if there is any alert. please help

  • Hi,

    Usage is pretty simple. Just install Dell Open Manage if not already and put under System -> Alert Management -> Alert Actions -> Execute application, for me C:\Alerts\DellSMTPNotify.exe 1, where C:\Alerts\ is the path to file and 1 is alert number (check config.xml)


  • Thanks very much Nick


    i can get alert as per my choice accordingly


    Thanks Lot


  • what did you add to config file to get it to work with gmail?