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OpenManage 4.4 blank screen


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OpenManage 4.4 blank screen

  • I have been using OpenManage 4.4 on a number of systems with no problem, mostly PE2650's and PE2850's with Windows 2000 Server SP4 and Windows Server 2003 mostly without SP1. The server I am currently building is WS2K3 SP1 on a PE2550 with all the latest firmware. When I build it with or without SP1 OpenManage 4.4 launches with the interior of the browser screen blank. This happens if I access OpenManage locally or remotely. When I build the server WS2K3 without SP1 and use OpenManage 4.3, it works just fine. I can then install SP1 and OpenManage 4.3 continues to work OK except the diagnostics. I have tried the various IE browser settings and SNMP settings suggested in other posts on this forum but no luck. Any ideas?

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  • It turns out that the "Systems Management Data Manager" service (dcstor32) was not started. There is apparently a conflict with the driver for an Adaptec AHA2940U2W SCSI card. If I disable the card and reboot the server, the service starts and everything looks right. Once the server is rebooted and the service started, it appears I can enable the card and the service stays up but once I stop it, it won't restart again without disabling the card and rebooting. Now I hope I just need to research the driver alternatives.
  • Got the same problem. Upgraded to the latest U160 SCSI drivers from the Adaptec site. OMSA still shows a blank screen only and the mentioned service doesn't start.

    I wounder why Dell does not address this problem.

  • After checking for any newer drivers for Server 2003, it appears there are none. It looks to me like Dell OpenManage 4.4 just doesn't work with the Adaptec drivers. Luckily I rarely need the Adaptec card enabled as it runs a little used tape drive so I will enable it as needed and disable it when I'm done at least until Dell addresses the problem.

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  • DHBob, have a look here:

    I uninstalled all OMSA portions except the OMSA Web-Server and now it works.
  • Open Manage Storage Services and/or diagnostics is probably what is causing the problem. OM 4.5 should be released this week and should not have this problem.
  • Just installed OpenManage 4.5 and enabled the Adaptec SCSI card. OpenManage now opens like it should except diagnostic service has a yellow bang beside it and won't open. Other than that everything seems to be good.