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Error: Too many connections (on Windows 2003 Server)


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Error: Too many connections (on Windows 2003 Server)

  • We are trying to setup a new PowerEdge 750 server with Standard edition Windows 2003 server.

    When network computers try to log into the Server they get an error message saying they can't log in because there are "too many connections"  How do we correct this error or why are we getting it?

    Only about 15 computers trying to log in.


    Also, next problem, We have a couple computers running Windows 98 trying to log in. One computer was able too but the other one is persistant in saying it can't establish a connection. Any ideas.




    PowerEdge 750 Rack optimised

    2.8Ghz Pentium 4 processor

    1GB Memory

    Windows 2003 Server, standard edition

  • You will have to purchase additional Client Access Licenses (CAL's) for that many users to be connected at once.  The standard number allowed at any one time is 5, so you will need at minimum an additional 10 but I would suggest planning ahead for the future.