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Dell PowerEdge R410 Cluster Hyper-V


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Dell PowerEdge R410 Cluster Hyper-V

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if I have two server:

The first one is a server Dell PowerEdge R410 which has version 1.8.2 (bios) and the same thing for the second but the bios version is 1.9.0

and I want to ride a cluster Hyper-V between the two hypervisors.

Is that the difference in the version of BIOS in both servers can cause problem with the cluster???

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  • Hello Ketata

    The servers being at different revisions on the BIOS should not stop Hyper-V from functioning, but it is good practice to keep them both up to date. Here are the notes of the BIOS updates for the R410:


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  • I would update the bios before install if possible.     Just because so often these days the bios updates do effect Virtualization technology as well as the X64 processor support code.