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Problems installing SBS 2011 on PowerEdge 2970


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Problems installing SBS 2011 on PowerEdge 2970

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I have had nothing but problems installing a fresh install of SBS 2011 on my 2970. I have tried using SMTD 6.5.0 without success, and I have tried just installing from the SBS disc with no success.

The furthest I have got in the process was by using the SMTD 6.3.0 and trying to install with the SBS 2008 option. On that attempt it got to the point where the OS was installed and the server configuration was trying to complete. It made it through till about 50% and then gave me a generic error and asked if I wanted to save the logs. 

Has anyone had any experience with installing SBS 2011 on the 2970? Any help is appreciated.

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  • I forgot to mention that I am trying to install SBS 2001 Essentials. Not standard or premium.

  • Trip242,

    How much memory do you have installed in the 2970? The SBS 2011 requires 4gb minimum. Not having it can cause issues that don't report. Are you getting anything reported in the logs?

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  • I have 8gb RAM installed. It has a single processor and a single 160gb drive (the basic one that came with the server).

    Here are the logs from install attempt that went the furthest:

    When I try installing directly from the DVD the installation fails much sooner and I can't save the logs. However, if I remember correctly, the logs say something like 'Failure to open windows setup". And an error of 0x80004005 is listed. The error isn't very specific.

  • SMTD 6.3 is not supported to install SBS 2011. Use this one, 6.5, it is tested for SBS 2011.

    remember, there are 2 segments to the iso and they have to be concatenated.

    Download the two ISO file segments to a new, empty folder. Create a single DVD image file using the following commands: Windows: copy /b OM* OM_6.5.0_SMTD_A01.iso Linux: cat OM* > OM_6.5.0_SMTD_A01.iso -----

    MD5 check sum for OM_6.5.0_SMTD_A01.iso.001 fabcbe9aa3ddd0b1c45ba6951ca475d2 OM_6.5.0_SMTD_A01.iso.002 edd5cfd3bfa91cc3e092688c03a20234

    Concatenated file check sum: 1f698e031b4befde7cd0ec339562b409

    grab the hash file checker from here, its very easy to use.

    please let me know if this works or fails

  • Right, but if you read my original post. I have already tried 6.5.0 without success.

    However, I did discover something that might have caused an issue when I tried 6.5.0.... In the BIOS, my SATA mode was set to ATA instead of QDMA. I have now switched it to QDMA and am attempting to install with the SMTD 6.5.0 disc again.

  • oops, yep, my bad. I saw 6.3 and ran with it, apologies.

  • No problem.

    I am getting further in the install than I have before with 6.5.0, now that I have changed to QDMA mode. I just hope the install doesn't fail to configure the server like it did with 6.3.0.

    I will post the results soon....

  • Installation has finally succeeded! Thanks for the responses.