Drives missing when install windows server 2008 x64 enterprise on dell poweredge 2970


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Drives missing when install windows server 2008 x64 enterprise on dell poweredge 2970

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Hi I'm trying to install windows server 2008 x64 on a dell poweredge 2970 with 8xSSD raid5 on a perc5

I used the dell cd it came with and selected windows server 2008 x64. It finished the cd install and rebooted and I inserted the windows 2008 dvd. It does its thing and doesn't detect any drives to install it on. I don't know how to proceed from here. It asks me for the drivers and it doesn't find it on the dell CD.

Can someone help me please!!!!

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  • One thing you can try is if you can get your network card configured go to the Microsoft Update site and see if running Windows Update will detect the drivers you need. If you are using Dell's installation media that came with the server, typically after you install the OS you need to install Dell's "Resource CD," which contains the drivers your server requires.

    Installation order is typically: 1) OS, 2) SP (if required), 3) Chipset driver (if required), 4) Any additional drivers/applications.

  • What brand/model of SSDs do you have?


  • i have ocz, but I got it to work. I don't know why but after I tried it again with the cd it detected my drives.

    btw optnes i wouldn't be able to use the resource cd because I would need to be able to install the OS first.

  • Gotta love new technology, it great when it works, but a nightmare to get it going.

     I have not installed any SSDs arrays yet, but hoping a client goes for a setup. SSDs are a long time coming; I remember 10 years ago articles stating they were just around the corner, and basically every year since. 

    How large is the array?

    Have fun