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Windows XP on Poweredge T105


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Windows XP on Poweredge T105

  • Hi all,


    I've searched the forums and haven't found a definitive answer. I am in need of a network server and my funds are low. I was planning in buying the Poweredge T105 for dual purposes, then as file server once I can afford a dedicated desktop. Has anyone successfully installed Win XP Pro on the T105?


    Thanks for any help!

  • I have seen it installed without a RAID controller, but you if you get one with a RAID controller, you'll have to find the drivers on your own. I am pretty sure Dell wouldn't support the config and if you ran into problems, they would properly tell you to get a validated OS on the box, with or without a RAID controller.
  • Thanks. I have found a couple reports to support non-RAID working on XP. That's the config I was looking at anyway.
  • Is there anyone from Dell that can confirm this?

  • Dell will most likely tell you this is an unsupported OS. You can call and ask though...
  • I am running Win XP Pro on one partition and Server 2003 on another.  I don't have RAID on this machine, but I was able to add a SB Audigy sound card, 1X Express ATI X1550 series video card, 2GB ECC SDRAM, a Opteron 1356 quad core, and a 500GB Maxtor USB 2.0 drive with no serious issues.  It is a little slow during the boot process, but runs great after that.

  • I am running SBS on it and XP is basically the same OS. You should not have any problem running XP on it.