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Linux Distro for PE 2650

  • Hi everyone, thanks for the taking the time to look at this thread and hopefully answering my question ;) Well I have a poweredge 2650 and I was wondering what was the easiest, most hassle free, and stable Linux distribution that I should install on it? I'm very new to Linux (read complete newbie) and I am looking for a distribution that is easy to install and has excellent driver support. I've heard good things about Ubuntu and I saw that RedHat Enterprise Linux is officially supported under the drivers section for the PE 2650. Are those two my only options? Could SuSE be a viable alternative keeping the aforementioned requirements in mind? This would be the first linux distro that I would delve into to really try and learn the OS. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
  • Most modern distros probably have native support for all hardware on the 2650, so drivers wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    If you want to play with a distro that would be supported of most servers in a corporate environment, you can use Red Hat 3, 4 or 5, or try SuSE 9 or 10.

    The 2650 doesn't support x64 processor extensions, so you do need to make sure you get the x86 version of the linux distro you decide to try.

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