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DRAC 5 console redirection problem with Internet Explorer 7


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DRAC 5 console redirection problem with Internet Explorer 7

  • Last week I upgraded my Internet Explorer from version 6 to version 7 (final). Now I'm having trouble (confirmed by other colleagues) with the console redirection of the DRAC 5 card of our PE2950 servers. The screen is displayed, the keyboard is functioning, but the mouse is not responsive. And because the mouse is not responsive also the Macro menu cannot be accessed and is it impossible to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to logon...

    Name: DRAC 5
    Product Information: Dell Remote Access Controller 5
    Hardware Version: A00
    Firmware Version: 1.0 (06.05.12)
  • Hello,

    we have been having the same problem and after a few tests we found a way to make it work.

    The keyboard works fine, the mouse is the problem. You cannot enter the menu to do ctrl-alt-del.

    If you look closely in the view you see a blinking pixel in the topleft of the screen. if you put your mouse over that pixel it will change into a hand. If you click it you enabled the control and the mouse should be working as normal again.

    With kind regards,
    Sander de Rijk
  • Have noticed problems with IE telling me there is an error with the certificate. I imported the DRAC certificate, but the error persists. Also F9 bring the menu down. I am also getting a lot of static on the screen.
  • The latest Drac firmware ( v 1.0, A00) has not been validated with IE7.0  This release has some new ActiveX features which is requiring a change in our code.  This is currently underway and a firmware supporting the new IE 7.0 features will be available early April 2007.

  • Hi all,
     I have been getting certificate errors in IE 7 on Dell PE 1955 DRAC/MC. When I launch the console redirection applet, IE displays "Blocked content due to invalid certificate". I clicked on the popup "Display blocked content" but the java applet did not launch.
    I have added the DRAC website and IP to both the trusted sites and local intranet - error persists.

    Is there a firmware update to address this issue with IE7?
  • Siobhan K.,
    Please tell the folks at Dell  that April 2007 is WAY to long of a time frame in which to wait for a DRAC 5 firmware upgrade.
    Many of my Dell Server sales come along with my companies guarantee that we can support them remotely, so that between Dell's excellent products and our excellent service, they (our clients) will have nothing to worry about.
    We MUST have the DRAC 5 fixed and usable via most (if not all) browsers.  The reason?  DRAC is often used from kiosks, hotel rooms, conferences, etc. because emergencies never happen when the server is easy to get too.
    We cannot always control twhether the browser we get to use is IE5, IE6, IE7, Firefox, etc.
    Console Redirection needs to be able to work from ALL of these browsers - so PLEASE HURRY these updates to DRAC 5!