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pe750 with a cerc sata 1.5/1.6 in Fedora C2 2.6 kernel not working ?


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pe750 with a cerc sata 1.5/1.6 in Fedora C2 2.6 kernel not working ?

  • I've been trying to install Fedora core 2 on the new range of PE750's, to no avail, it detects the raid card properly, but at the partitioning part the controller will lock up and not accept any commands (terminal gives a SCSI timeout when deleting partitions)

    Fedora core 1 installs properly and works fine, but we're trying to switch to C2 due to the better 2.6 kernel and the EOL C1 now entered. Is there a working driver available for the CERC card that will work with the Fedora C2 install ?, I tried the driver for AS 3 but that won't work..

  • And of course the solution always pops up AFTER asking on the forums ;)

    Basically using the driver disk included in the PE750 download section

    Serial ATA: Intel ICH6R, Driver, Enterprise Linux 3, Multi Language, PowerEdge 700, 750, Precision 370, v.0.93c, A04

    works for Fedora core 2.., it doesn't autodetect the card, but manually selecting the aacraid and ata_piix drivers after reading the driver disk will succesfully make the card work..

    Off to test it :)

  • Right, it seems to work with the standard 2.6.5 kernel (though a warning beep when activating the swap partition), but updating to the latest 2.6.8 kernel makes the system permanently cry and lock up at activating the swap partitions..

    Hereby I dub Fedora C2 not yet suitable for the PE750 ;) (going to try again in a few kernel releases)

  • Hi,
    I've got a PE 750 with a cerc SATA Raid 5 (4 * 250GB) with Fedora Core 2.
    I've put a kernel from ( and all seems to be ok.
    Raid array is a bit slow but all works as it should :)
  • Hello,
    I've bought a P1800 with SARA RAID and 6 Maxtor SATA 160 running under RedHat ES3.0. All was "working" fine with the latest drivers but...
    I'm getting performances juste a bit better than an poor old disk with 100% iowait and system hangs.
    So you've reached the second step, performance issues... good luck :smileytongue:
  • Small FYI...
    The current 2.6.10-1.12 seems to work with the Sata raid.., but beware that IF the array goes into rebuild/verify mode it once again will not boot.., so the bug in the raid driver is still there