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Windows 7 on Dell PowerEdge T620 server


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Windows 7 on Dell PowerEdge T620 server

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Can I install Windows 7 on a Dell PowerEdge T620 server with these specs?

TPM motherboard 

Intel Xeon E5-2620 2.00GHz, 15M Cache, 7.2GT/s QPI, Turbo, 6C 95W 

Tower Chassis with up to 8, 3.5" Hard Drives 

1333 MHz RDIMMs 1

8GB RDIMM, 1333 MHz, Low Volt, Dual Rank, x4

Intel Xeon E5-2620 2.00GHz, 15M Cache, 7.2GT/s QPI, Turbo, 6C 95W 

600GB 3.5-inch 15K RPM,6Gbps SAS Hot Plug Hard Drive 

PERC H710 Integrated RAID Controller, 512MB NV Cache, Full Height 

16x SATA DVD + / - RW Drive (with RAM) for Ms 2008 R2

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  • Worst case scenario, you can resell it, install a Server OS on it, etc. and put it in your living room to show off :)  The CaseLabs case looks cool, but you will have to do the same kind of homework on get compatible (and inter-compatible) parts for it.

    Like I said, there is a good chance everything will install and run just fine ... you just have to be prepared for the unknown when venturing off the beaten path.  If you have someone knowledgeable that can at least get you headed down a direction where there is some visibility for success, that would be helpful ... good luck!

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  • Official answer:  No.  

    Unofficial answer:  Probably.

    First:  Why do you want to install Windows 7 on a T620?

    Second, if you decide to, just know up front that no client OS is supported on any Dell server, so it is up to you to find appropriate drivers (if they exist) and get it (and keep it) working on your own (and/or with our limited ability to help - not Dell's help, as they will not support this).  Usually (not always), however, Server 2008 R2 drivers will work.

  • The thing is we aren't really doing server intensive stuff. We are streaming videos but not really server intensive.

  • So, why buy a server?

  • Cloud storage for 6 to 10TB will run you some serious cash over the course of 5 to 8 years (can easily expect a server like a T620 to last that long).

    I do however agree that if you just want to stream video, I'd look for a different solution like a high end desktop (with room for a decent number of harddrives (cabled), or look for a NAS solution like a Drobo, QNAP or Synology. I'd look for something with 8 or more drive bays and then put in some 5400 or 7200rpm SATA drives (enterprise quality recommended). You get 6+ drives in a raid set, you can easily stream faster than what a 1Gbit connection can receive.

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  • Thank you for your responses. I am trying to stream videos onto the cloud.So basically I need the machine to be strong enough to process these videos through FMLE and push them out for storage.

  • How much storage do you need though?

    Hitachi makes 4TB drives currently. If you need no more than about 6 harddrives (1 for OS and the rest for the videos), you can get a full tower desktop and it'll be more than powerful enough.

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  • The OP hasn't stated any up-time requirements and since servers are built with high reliability and up-time in mind, may be this was a consideration in choosing server grade h/w.

    In my case, i liked the redundant power supplies, fans, raid, etc that my T610 provided though i could have used a desktop machine.

    These days, i believe server redundancy can be handled in other ways, using virtualization on multiple desktop machines, etc, but i have yet to look into this and develop the required knowledge to configure such systems.No doubt others on these forums would know much more on this subject.

  • Use a server OS: and "convert" it if you will be using it for mixed server/workstation use.

  • I am kind of on the same boat now. Did you ever have any luck installing Win 7 on T620?

  • Hi, I am wondering the same! Is it possible or not to install windows 7 on a T620???


  • Anything is possible.  It isn't supported, but that doesn't mean it won't work.  The OP never returned for more help or to report his experience trying (if he tried at all).  The ONLY way to know is to try.

    Let us know where/when/if you run into issues, and we'll see if we can get through them.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fast reply! I agree with you 100%, the only way to find out is, to try it myself! The biggest problem though is my wife, LOL. She just told me, not 5 min. ago, that I should stop wasting time and get something, that is proven to work! What I am probably going to do is, pay the guy I am going to buy a T5600 or T7600 from, to test it for me. He told me that he can install Windows 7 on a T620, but that he thinks is it not a good idea. He has never done it either, so how does he know?! After all, you can order the T620 with a major nvidia graphics card. Isnt that enough "proof" that Windows 7 will work?! (I might be talking out of my here, ha ha).


  • I use daily with a Geforce Titan. It is awesome. You will need to mix and match drivers. Once you get the chipset driver installed, that will take care most of the missing devices. For all practical purposes the chipset is same as Precision, so check that. Also Server 2008 drivers would work.

    My concern when I purchased it was the noise. It is very quite. Although it is practically a space heater (I have a 1100W supply).


  • Really?! You are my new best friend now!!! I would love to hear all about your setup and what benchmark scores you get?! Sorry, I am normally not all about numbers, but in this case, I have to have them?! Can you PM me your setup, in case you do not want to share it here?!


    p.s. I thought about the chipset being the same as the Precision one, but then I looked at the manual of both, the T620 and I believe a T5600, and they looked different?! But what do I know, ha ha. BTW, why did you choose the T620 over any other setup?!

  • @Neavissa, I have a PE T610 that has been running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit OS very reliably. The OS install was simple and event free but onboard graphics was atrocious so I also installed a self modded PCie XFX GF7600 graphics card which i could then place into the x8 PCIe slot. This graphic card mod needed some research to satisfy myself it was an OK thing to do which took some time but was needed as the T610 does not have a x16 PCIe slot. Since setting up this beast, I have had good/great 3D graphics and the machine has never missed a beat or had any issues or concerns. The only annoyance has been the noisy fans which have admittedly settled down as the system bedded in, though they can still roar on a hot day. Even though i've had it operating outside temp specs, it's proven to be a great and very reliable machine. It's still a little too noisy to have in their quiet office by ones desk !!

    From what i understand, the T620 is quieter than the T610 and it also has x16 PCIe slots designed for power hungry Telsa/Quadro cards but as mentioned in other posts, Dell will not support client OSes on these machines. So if Dell support, quick boot times and a quiet machine is important to you, you will do yourself a favor by looking at the T7600...