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Poweredge T310 Server & Windows Server 2008 - won't install - code [0xc1]

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Poweredge T310 Server & Windows Server 2008 - won't install - The file autorun.dll error code [0xc1]

Hi, i'm having some difficulty installing server 2008 64bit on a poweredge T310 server.  It goes through the motions using the Dell Systems manamagemtn tools and documentation DVD and i have configured RAID etc as required but then when it re-boots and goes into the windows setup where it asks for the Server 2008 media it reads the media, see's it's a valid media and then comes up with an error message - The file Autorun.dll could not be loaded or is corrupt.  Setup cannot continue. Error code is [0xc1].  And then all i can do is power off the server.  I have tried a couple of dics and the same happens. If i then just boot the server from the server 2008 disc and attempt the install that way it does then load into the 2008 setup but it then propmpts me to install drivers for the cd/dvd drive - i point it to the PERC drivers i have on a USB drive which it see's fine but then comes up and says no other devices found as if it's not seeing the actual hard drives and won't let me do anymore.  WOuld really appreciate any help as it's driving me mad.


Thanks in advance.


Ghiyath Malih

Systems Eng.

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