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PowerEdge 2970 inaccesable boot device installing 2003 Server

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Hi All,
I am in need of assistance. I have a poweredge 2970. It has a PERC5/i controller, 2 SAS HD RAID1. I boot to the 2003 server cd, press F6 and use the most current raid driver for PERC 5/i integrated Raid and run the set up, but after copying the files i get a Blue Screen saying "inaccesable boot device.." any ideas where I am going wrong???? Thanks!
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  • Install the os using the server installation cd that came with the system, it's in the cd pack. It will load all the correct drivers during setup/


  • Thank you, this works fine, but in my case its not the solution! I have an acronis image from our old server and restored it to the new DELL PowerEdge. Then I tried to make a repair installation, using the server2003 CD and F6 to integrate the drivers for the PERC 5/i using my USB-Floppy. The drivers are detected and files will be copied, but then I get the error "inaccessible boot device".  I think I used the wrong drivers Tongue Tied

  • One of the cd's in the pack is a drivers and diags cd. bung it in a desktop and follow the prompts, select drivers then your server and it will open a page with all the drivers for your sytem. You can get the correct drivers there.

  • I've tried to browse the CD and found the drivers for the PERC 5/i controller, but  the installation ended with the same error. In all probability it was not enough to use this single driver. I tried this solution: I installed the OS with the help of the DELL DVD and found a folder named DRIVERS. I copied this folder to my USB Stick and made a new Server 2003 CD using nLite. I integrated all the drivers from the copied folder in this CD and now it works!! Thank you for your helpSmile