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PowerEdge 2950 E171F PCIE Fatal Err B0 D6 F0


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PowerEdge 2950 E171F PCIE Fatal Err B0 D6 F0

  • My dell poweredge server gives me an error of E171F PCIE Fatal Err B0 D6 F0.  Cannot find a solution for this.  I will appreciate any help figuring out how to solve this problem. 
  • This may be difficult to isolate, but as a start, what type of adapters do you have plugged into the slots?
  • Hello Richard,

    I have a 2950 with the same issue.  Did you ever locate a solution for this problem.  We have 2 Telephone interface cards installed in our 2950.  One is a Sangoma 4 Port Analog (FXO) card.  The other is a one port PRI (T1) Interface.



    Peter T.

  • Do you only get the failure when both cards are installed? Have you tried running only one card at a time?

  • Thanks for te reply.  Never had only 1 card installed -- will check that out and get back here.  FYI - this message stopped appearing for a while, not sure exactly how long.  I just noticed it again yesterday. 

  • also, additional error data from display:

    E1711 PCI PERR B14 D0 F2

  • try updating the drivers and firmware for those cards

  • Also try replacing the board or if you can solder simply replace the capacitors.