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Windows 10 1709 and Office issues with DDPE


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Windows 10 1709 and Office issues with DDPE

  • Hello

    I am having issues with Windows 10 1709 + DDPE 8.16, as well as other people with the same configuration. Outlook keeps forgetting passwords, the OneDrive settings are gone every restart. Is this something you are experiencing too?

    I'm doing a decryption of %APPDATA% on my PC now, and if this helps I'll update thread.

    Thanks for any feedback in advance

  • Update - decrypting AppData resolved issues with OneDrive and Chrome/Opera, but that is a poor solution, which effectively defeats the purpose of encryption. Any advise?

  • Hello Aleksander,

    I did some research in our issue reporting system that we submit to engineering and I am not seeing any reports that line up with the issues you're seeing.

    It sounds like the issue should be easily reproducible so that's good.  Due to the complex nature and the logging we will need to capture to track this issue down I would recommend registering a case with our dedicated support team using the link below will help you quickly get connected with them.

    From the information provided I think collecting the below logs (which the support team can assist you with doing) I believe we will need the following to peep under the hood and see what's going on.

    • Debug level logging for DDP|E.
    • XPerf enabled logging.
    • Maybe processes monitor logging.

    Best Regards,

    Stephen O

    Senior Principal Engineer, Support & Delivery Services

    Dell Data Security

    Need Immediate help? Please call DDS Support @ +1.877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039

  • Ok - I'm preparing a VM that reproduces the issue and raise a support call once ready