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Failing to Encrypt, error 122


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Failing to Encrypt, error 122

  • Hello,

    I have a client system that is failing to encrypt.  It looks like the folder structure it is failing to encrypt is a java generated workspace, it's giving an error 122.  Here is an example (data masked).

    [10.16.17 07:05:09:096      CredUMES.cpp: 5708 I] UMES - encrypting "C:\Users\username\workspace\name\workspace_name__datedatedate\.metadata\.plugins\productproductproductdate\.bundle_pool\features\name_version\...\name\\longprojectname.feature\pom.xml", pid=314

    [10.16.17 07:05:09:096      CredUMES.cpp: 5633 E] UMES - crypt failed during temp file creation for C:\Users\username\workspace\name\workspace_name__datedatedate\.metadata\.plugins\productproductproductdate\.bundle_pool\features\name_version\...\name\\longprojectname.feature\pom.xml [MS error = 122]

    My guess is that it's getting hung up on the long file name - but what do I do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance for anyone with a quick response - we are rolling out encryption to a large user base and I want to fix issues before more arise.


  • Hi SgtTomK,

    This can depend on the version of the Dell Encryption client that is being ran. We do have fixes around this with our 8.6.1 or later client, but we may need more information. Sadly if we are at 8.6.1 or later, we may need to get a ticket going with our phone support queues so we can gather diagnostic data and investigate why we are not firing off correctly for these long file-paths.

    our Chat queues and our phone queues are available to assist if necessary. for more information on their ours and methods of contact, please visit this KB article:



    L4 Support

    Dell Data Protection | Encryption

    Need Immediate help? Please call DDP |E Support @ +1.877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039

  • Hi Dale,

    I've opened a ProSupport ticket and am working to collect diagnostic info on this specific system.  We were pushing out the client - and will be testing the 8.15 client per the suggestion of ProSupport.

    I'll try to remember to post an update once it's resolved.