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Dell Data Protection | E - WSprobe error

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Background: We are performing the Windows upgrade from 1511 to 1703. We are using DDP v8.13.

To prepare DDP, we run 'wsprobe -z' before the Windows 10 upgrade kicks off. 

We are hitting an error:

WPRE: Error 0x1f encrypting for "SrvMonOff"

Error 0x1f configuring Registry Monitoring for Windows Upgrade Mode


and this causes a Windows upgrade prompt to remove DDP and contact Dell Support. 

It happens very rarely, but it halts the upgrade process and has a prompt we don't want the user to see. We've been in pilot for the last month and we have had it come up twice. 

The first time it happened, we chalked it up to the computer being freshly imaged 1511 and a reboot fixed it. It happened again today and a reboot is not fixing the issue. The second computer has been in production for months and is a daily use machine by a service desk user. 

Can anyone give me some insight on why this error happens? How to prevent this error? Anything else we need to keep an eye out for? Logs to check? Help? 


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  • hi Benjamink,

    There are some rare situations in which we are not properly able to write a registry key properly based on the key being in use. We are working towards a solution to this at this time.

    We have seen this more often on devices that are leveraging External Media Edition (now known as Encryption External Media), do you happen to be running that edition of the Dell Encryption product?

    We have some changes in this area in our 8.15 release, if you have a device in this state, are we able to attempt an 8.15 build to see if it resolves?

    Let me know if you need a download location for that build, and i can provide it :)

    I hope that helps!


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  • Hey Dale,

    We only use the EME part of DDP.

    We've been working with Dell Support. They let us know the two registry keys that needed to be edited BUT we had major issues with DDP blocking USB drivers and network devices. This caused users to be unable to make network connections and use their docking stations. A reinstall of DDP fixed their issues.

    We ultimately had to do a uninstall of DDP before the Win10 upgrade then a reinstall after the upgrade was complete.