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DTD and Citrix (or other cloning scenario)


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DTD and Citrix (or other cloning scenario)

  • Hi,

    When installing DTD, is there something that can be done to regenerate a unique client ID? When changing the master image DTD needs to be installed but two servers will clone from this image.

    The administrator guide only has this to say about duplicate devices:

    Duplicate Devices

    When the Threat Defense Agent is first installed on a device, a unique identifier is created that is used by the Console to identify and reference that device. However, certain events, such as using a virtual machine image to create multiple systems, may cause a second identifier to be generated for the same device. Select the device and click Remove if a duplicate entry displays on the Devices page in the Console. To aid in identifying such devices, use the column sorting feature on the Devices page to sort and compare the devices, typically by device name. Alternately, the Devices List can be exported as a .CSV file and then viewed in Microsoft Excel or something similar which has powerful sorting/organizing features

    If it is not possible to do this cleanly, will each machine still retrieve updates properly?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Daniel!

    Currently the Dell Threat Defense console will not remove any devices that are no longer checking in, removing these manually like you have been doing is the best way to go currently. We are working with our Cylance colleagues to help better address this in future versions by automating the removal of devices that have not checked in for some time.

    Though several devices are showing offline, the ones that are online will update properly without issue.


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  • Hi Dale,

    Ok cool thanks for that, I'll add it in the image.