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Restore encrypted backup file


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Restore encrypted backup file

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I need to restore a backup file (Outlook) encrypted with Credant. I've password and all the rest. Problem is that file needs to be opened from within the applcation (Outlook) to be restored. Then when I double click on encrypted file, decryption begins and files is stored in temp folder. At end of process error message comes, saying file needs to be opened form application, but when entering application decrypted file is disappeared from folder.... What can I do? Can someone help? Thanks

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  • Hi Fablaxx,

    It sounds like you have everything needed to recover the data but something is a miss.  Recovery is a bit difficult to troubleshoot over the forums since there can be a lot of moving pieces and variations.  I recommend calling into our dedicated support queue who will be able to assist in getting you access to your outlook data.

    DDS support 877 459 7304 ext. 4310039 or if you need international numbers they can be found here

    Best Regards,

    Stephen O

    Senior Principal Engineer, Support & Delivery Services

    Dell Data Security

    Need Immediate help? Please call DDS Support @ +1.877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039