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Windows 8.1 (x64) with Upek Eikon TCRD4C: unable to log on to Windows


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Windows 8.1 (x64) with Upek Eikon TCRD4C: unable to log on to Windows

  • Hello,

    We have been using dell DDPE for over a year with a virtual DDPE appliance. We can successfully enroll fingerprints within DDP Console on each Workstation to log on to Windows using some old U.are.U 4000B readers.

    However, we have never been able to use the UPEK Eikon TCRD4C readers. They get recognized in the device manager, DDP console recognizes them as well and we can enroll fingerprints, however, at windows Logon, Windows just complains that the fingerprint cannot be identified. It's as if the prints that DDP enrolls aren't understood by Windows.

    I've tried pretty much everything I could think of. Is anyone else using a combination of Windows 8.1 and Upek Eikon readers with success?


  • Figured it out, if this can ever help someone else.

    The problem was the Dell Authentication Framework. Seems like it is incapable of forwarding domain login information to the Windows 8 WBF, and believe me, we've tried everything we could think of.

    Why was it working with the U.are.U readers? Simply because they were not using a Windows WBF driver!

    So if you ever have an issue with those Upek Eikon readers on a Windows 8.1 machine (on a 2012 R2 domain), you must remove the Dell Authentication from your DDP installation and let Windows handle the fingerprint authentication.

  • H311m4n,

    Thank you for the information. I will take this back and see what we can do with this information and either validate functionality with newer releases, or generate a knowledge base article to help resolve this for other users. If there are specific driver workflows that are causing this failure, we will look into resolving those as soon as possible.


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