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DDP| Encryption Enterprise Edition annoying popups


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DDP| Encryption Enterprise Edition annoying popups

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Several months ago we started using DDP|E Enterprise Edition on our corporate laptops and since that time I receive a lot of complains from users about annoying orange popups telling them that DDP|E is waiting on file and asking if they want to cancel encryption. It's not only annoying but also interrupts typing. How those popups can be disabled? Should it be done via DDP|E server console or I can just change registry settings with GPO on affected laptops?

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  • Hi V1adimir,

    I have forwarded your question on to the team responsibile for the Encryption product.  Their forum can be found here:  en.community.dell.com/.../f

  • Hi, V1adimir!

    as Craig mentioned, we do have a community built solely around DDP at the site he mentioned.


    In regards to your question, this pop-up is configurable through policy. it is commonly referred to as our "File Contention Notification", and can easily be suppressed. We have a KB article, that is in process of being updated to support our new 9.2+ HMTL 5 console. It currently contains the information you need to get this suppressed :)


    I hope that helps!


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