Need one plastic plate that you don't care much about, or a plastic disposable plate.

Tear off one section from a paper towel roll and roll it up into about a 1-inch diameter roll.

Flatten the roll

Soak the flattened roll in warm water

Lay the flattened roll down on the plate

Place the nozzle area of the ink cartridge directly against the wet paper towel

Fold the flattened roll as needed to support the ink cartridge so it stands upright.


The trick here is to make sure the cartridge is supported upright so the nozzles come in full contact with the wet towel surface.

The wet towel acts as a wick to soften and draw out the ink.

After awhile, you shoudl see a kaleidoscope of colors on the paper towel. This indicates the nozzles have been opened up and the ink is flowing. Try to print and see what happens.

Repeat as needed.


Good luck


Cleaning the Printhead on Dell AIO V313w, V515w, V715w, P513w, and P713W Printers



 Do NOT TOUCH the Printhead nozzle or the Printhead filter