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Connect Dell Desktop to Vizio HDTV via HDMI Cable


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Connect Dell Desktop to Vizio HDTV via HDMI Cable

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I purchased two different HDMI cables (different manufacturers - one is 15' the other 25') and tried to connect my Dell Inspiron 560 to my Vizio HDTV with no success. My computer monitor goes essentially blank with an occasional flicker and the TV screen flickers as well with "no signal" in between. Is there some setting that I am missing? Could the cable length be a factor?

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  • Hi jonesjacqu,

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    After reading your post I understand that you have an HDTV from Vizio which you are trying to connect with an HDMI cable to your Inspiron 560 desktop. Also you have mentioned that the HDMI cables that you are using are 15' and 25'. I am not sure about the size of the cables that you are using but here at Dell we have tried standard 3 ft and 6 ft HDMI cables with our machines. Also the HDMI cables are of a few different types, you can check the following link for more details on the types and functionality of different HDMI cables:

    In addition to this please update the video drivers to the latest from our support site using the following link (if you are not from US region please do select the correct region as per your location from the top left side of the webpage before downloading the drivers also select the right system model or enter the Service Tag):

    Do keep me posted if this resolution helps.

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    Zohaib R
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