Dell W3706MC LDC TV No Sound?


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Dell W3706MC LDC TV No Sound?

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Does this TV have any integrated speakers inside?  I got the TV from my brother but don't have the external speakers that run down the side of it.  Not sure how to get any sound? 

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  • No. It only has the external speakers which attach to the sides of the TV.

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  • I have the same TV too. For 3 years or so I have been using a receiver for sound so I turned off "speaker out" in menu of the TV. Recently, I changed my system so plugged in the external speaker to the TV for sound but there was nothing coming out of it even though I had turned "speaker out" in the menu, I checked the speakers there were fine they could work with my receiver. What could this be? Is it internal problem?

  • Same problem here.    No sound.   Took to a television repair shop.  They couldn't find the part.

    After we got the television back, we called DELL, and sure enough they no longer have available the printed circuit board for the sound.

    The repair shop suggested to use a external receiver and speakers.

  • Anyone on here still have this tv... And not need a speaker or two. I got one working speaker and not able to find a replacement online.  Dell W3706MC right speaker. Altough they may be the same left to right.

  • See the responses above - 99% probability that it's not your speaker, but a pcb in your tv that's gone bad. There are no replacement parts.