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How to connect Lattitude D630 to Sony Bravia TV


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How to connect Lattitude D630 to Sony Bravia TV

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Can anyone help with the following.  I have a lattituse d630 laptop which I want to connect to a Sony Bravia KDL26V4000.  Simply connecting via VGA cables reults in the message No sync or not in range.  I assume I have yo make some changes to the laptop set up, bur what?

Thanks in anticipation of some help

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  • first of all, have you enabled the VGA output on your laptop?  do this by hitting FN+F8.

    there are three modes that hitting the blue FN + F8 key will cycle through:

    -LCD on laptop only

    -LCD + VGA output enabled

    -VGA output enabled only (LCD Off)

    If you have never done the above, this is most likely the cause.  Depending on your video card in your particulary D630, if it's the Intel one (and not the Nvidia) you can enable this by right clicking on the desktop and it should be an option on the menu.

    Generally, the default is to display to the laptop ONLY and not enable the VGA output.  But once you configure it once, the setting is generally remembered.  I would first test that the output is enabled usingg a simple VGA monitor, at work or whereever...

    If that's still not working, you might have to change the display resolution downwards.  The native resolution for your Sony TV is 1366x768, I would try to set Windows to this screen resolution for the 2nd display...   also are you running XP or Vista?  to rule out that it's not completely just an issue of the wrong resolution, set your computer to the lowest possible screen resolution and then hook everything up..   (have the TV hooked up before you boot too). 

    you can also try adjusting the monitor frequency under the advanced options, but windows usually will match the resolution with the right range ...