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W2600 no power (Imagine That!)


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W2600 no power (Imagine That!)

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Well, have an over three year old Dell W2600 (my 2nd one) with the power failure.

Called Dell tonight and he says, if it's over 3 years old, there's nothing they can do and gave me a different # to call during the day.  Honestly.......Has any customer gotten over 5 years out of these things???  Dell, I must say, all it takes is 2 minutes on this forum to realize that your W series LCD's have some serious quality issues.  Spent $1600 on this and got just over 3 years.......hmmmmm thanks Dell....thanks alot.

Anything I can do here???? 

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  • I am having the same problem however I was given the TV as a gift.  If it's possible to get this replaced out-of-warranty (which a number of sources seem to indicate is possible, since Dell has acknowledged this is a real problem with this TV), I want to make sure nothing is charged to the original owner.  Does anyone know if they will charge me (the original owner, actually) right out of the gate just for calling and using the Express Service Code?  Thanks.

  • All,

    * The following in and out of warranty TVs (W2600, W2306C, W2606C) with the No Power issue must go through Technical Support to initiate the exchange. Tell the technician to look up the following DSN document IDs to get the details on the in and out of warranty exchange process:
    - 313698 Dell-Branded TVs Out-of-Warranty Repair Procedure - CTS/CBG/SMB/GTS-T/DOC. Tell them to scroll down to, Dell W2306C, W2606C, or W2600 TV Replacement for a No Power Issue
    - 329986 TVs (W2600, W2306C, W2606C) with No Power. New exchange procedure - TV and Home Theater - Dell Community Forum
    * Dell will cover this issue, regardless of the limited warranty status, for the W2306C, W2606C or W2600 TVs for 3 years from the original invoice date
    * Once past the 3 year date from the original invoice date, we will not exchange the TV
    * Units sent as replacements for this issue should be considered in warranty for 90 days after the replacement or for the remainder of the limited warranty term, whichever is longer

    * You will need to provide to them the following information -
    TV Service tag number:
    TV Order number:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Email address:
    Reason: Dell LCD TV has the No Power issue

    TV out of warranty repair option
    * Contact DecisionOne (800-941-4478). They will ask you to send the unit in for diagnosis and you must provide prepayment
    * In 1-2 business days, you will receive material from DecisionOne to pack and ship the TV to a certified repair center for servicing
    * Within 3 business days of receiving the TV, DecisionOne will inform you of the repair cost and ask for permission to perform the repairs. You must provide approval over the phone for this to occur
    * After the approval is received, agents repair and return the TV to you within 5 business days
  • it's a tad bit convenient that Dell waited until Dec of 2008 to post this information.  Dell replaced the W2600 model with the w2606 by Jan of 06 (maybe sooner than that even).  Anyone still hanging on to a defective 2600 would have exceeded the 3 years before this information was apparently made public by Dell.    Anyone else that squeaked in under the 3 years limit surely would have had no way of knowing unless they frequented this forum and/or just happened to be persistent.  I myself only came across this because I have had 4 of the W3000s with a very similar issue and this came up in the Google results (the W3000s seem to have a widespread issue where they will not power on after being turned off, but the power LED will show and the speakers will output audio, just no picture. the speakers are external on that model, perhaps why those come on at all... it's not an inverter or backlight issue, it will display a picture fine for hours and hours if you do the same sort of reset procedures as the w2600 and then don't power it off once turned on).  To date I've seen nothing from Dell admitting that the W3000 has said issue, nor any sort of internal recall procedures (there's another thread on that matter actually, a bunch of people with the issue and the response was to order an extended warranty next time; of course if such a memo ever does make it public, it too will be moot given that it's now a 3+ year old model too).  I'd be curious to know the date on those service memos covering the 2600 series issues.

    I've had at least 8 or 9 of these w2600s and W2606's with this issue (and we probably only ever had that many, so that's a 100% failure rate due to this issue).  About half of them had this happen right around the 1 year mark and were replaced.  The other half went bad in between 2-3 years where they were technically not under warranty, sans the above bit of knowledge missing from the general knowledgebase of the tech support people I've talked to.  I know of at least 3 occasions where I've called in to cite a design flaw and request replacement on this model after it was out of warranty but within 3 years and was told there was nothing Dell could do.  Those units were long sent to a recycler and we've ordered a replacement from a different vendor...

    After stumbing across this post, I found a defective W2600 and W2606 that hadn't made it the recycler yet, they've been sitting in a closet for some time now.  (One of them would have had the 3 year period up in early 08 according to dell--records show I called it in Dec 07 with no luck on a replacement, the other just ended in Feb 09, called it in Nov 08 with no luck on replacement).  Knowing that I did call within the 3 year period when they originally went bad, I just called back... Dell was unable to offer any assistance.  As it is, the w2600 model I still have was already replaced for this same issue back in June 06, and for some reason the guy just kept repeating that it had already been replaced, as if that somehow compensated for receiving yet another model that had the same issue within 3 years of the original purchase date.  After about an hour on the line of them trying to track down the original order date they told me there was nothing they could do.  A supervisor got involved and he was not able to do anything, the fact that I had called prior to dell issuing the internal memos and/or after that period but just had uneducated tech support people was apparently moot.   (and that same person didn't log a case.. apparently the moral here is to always demand a case # for even calling in a simple question).  

  • I to have found myself in the same situation as you all with no luck and the same responses from the customer service.  How is it that every other tv in the world seems to last forever but this one.  I have tried doing a little research online with no exact fix directions.  What have you found to be the culpret and how do I go about fixing it myself so I dont waste a lot of money paying someone to fix what could be a cheap part.

  • Another W2600 with same power unit defect. Had a TV repair shop take apart TV to confirm that it was the power supply. But, after more than a month and reported time and effort trying to locate a new power supply, the tech could provide only an apology that it would cost me $75 for his time but no part could be located and no repair was done. Now, I am reading about the fire hazard and I wonder if I should simply carry the TV to the dumpster and give up! Anyone care to make a recommendation? Has any one had success with the Dell company replacing the TV once it was out of warrantee?

    Thanks, Disappointed Dell Customer