Most failures on Dell TVs are repairable with the exception of the screen. Cracked screens, pixel failures, or horizontal/vertical lines are not repairable due to the failed component being the screen. In most instances, internal electrical failures or failed/broken inputs are repairable. All Jabil TV repairs are covered for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the repair. During this period, Jabil will correct any defects in materials or workmanship during repair, provided the TV is returned and shipped prepaid. Please call Jabil at 1-888-215-4397 for troubleshooting and repairs. Below are some of the items Jabil can repair.

Blanks out, Dark Display = Defective Inverter , Lamp, Controller board
Flickers / Lines on screen = Controller board, LCD panel, Power supply
Dead = Power supply, Controller power circuit
Dim / Darker than normal = Weak lamp
Display blinking = Power supply /inverter board
Flickers reddish color = Defective lamp

TV owners with the No Power issue -

We have received feedback from some customers regarding our W2606C, W2306C, and W2600 TVs exhibiting power outage issues. This “no power” issue results in not being able to switch the TV on. If within three years of the initial purchase date, the TV exhibits the “no power” issue, Dell will provide an out of warranty exchange with no charge. The replacement TV is refurbished and will only carry a 90 day warranty. Contact Technical Support and get the TV exchanged.

Further information -
To discuss service and replacement options further, you have two options: email directly to the mailbox or private message me on the Dell Community Forum.

Out of warranty customers can choose to use these 3rd party repair providers.
Moniserve LCD Monitor or LCD TV Repair
Fix My LCD Monitor or LCD TV
LCD TV Repair

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