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  • Hi
    I have a problem with the monitor, which i have been using for the 2 1/2 years.
    The TV part of it works no problem, but the PC display is completly black.
    I have tried only connecting the VGA sockets and disconnecting the DVI but this still doesnt work.
    I also tried it to connect it on another PC but that didnt work either.
    Does anyone know what could be wrong with it.
  • Ok I take it you have a black screen... power light is still on and you have sound  in TV mode or on the PC.
    I would say that probably the back light inverter has packed up, its a weak point on this model............ now before you sigh in despair, there is some good news, you can buy a replacement and fit it yourself, it  will cost you $80 dollars and is a do it yourself fit ( many on here have )
    for the step by step picture by picture guide see
    this is an improved board over the original item :) hope that helps you out :D



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  • Thanks for replying
    The TV does work in full, I have no problems with the monitor in TV mode, as I can watch and listen to the TV.
    Its just in PC mode, i get the black screen.
    Do you still think it could be the Invertor board as I beleive I cant buy one in the UK, only from the company that you kindly sent me the link to.
  • If the TV is working normally ie you have a picture it is not that, the backlight is for want of a better word 2 flourescent light strips down the sides of the lcd panel that shine behind it and illuminate the image. if it is working it isnt that, have you checked the pc with another monitor or tried another pc on it?
  • Yes i have tried the monitor on another pc ,but  still doesnt work
    Also tried the pc with a CRT monitor and it  works with no problems.
    Any other suggestions
  • Only thing i can think of is these people on ebay break them, try emailing them tell em the problem they might have or know the part you need

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  • I have a Dell W1700 which had the classic backlight inverted problem. Sound, power light on, but no picture. I read the forum and discovered that this is a common issue. Like most owners of the W1700, I felt that this TV/Monitor was excellent, except for the sub standard inverter board. So I had two choices. Buy a new TV monitor, or attempt to repair mine. I opted for the latter. I went to and found that they sell the original inverted board and a remake that is supposed to be superior, both for $79 plus $10 shipping. Believing that the original board would only last 2 years or so, I decided to order the remake. The part was back ordered, but arrived within 10 days. I followed the instructions on They were about 95% accurate. For instance, they didn't mention you needed to remove the speakers in order to remove some screws. Not a big issue. Overall they were quite with nice pictures. It took about 45 minutes to take apart, insert the new board, and put back together. I plugged it in and my beautiful monitor was working again. Well worth the $89 and much cheaper than the $500 plus I would have need to buy a new one. Good luck to all that have the same issue.
  • Last Wednesday I recieved a W1700 for free from a co-worker, he said the guy that gave to him said it did not work anymore, it sat in his basement for a year. He then passed it on to me and after an hour of playing i checked online and came to this site, the symptoms people were discussing sounded like what this one was doing, black screen on every input with sound. So for a long shot I orded the backlight invertor from and recieved it today, installed it, which I must say was easy, put it back together plugged it in and connected my cable line for a test and turned it on, it works. It works great, before I was not a big fan of Dell, my fiance has a dell desktop computer and it is not good! However I'm a little convinced sometimes they can do things right. Picture is great, on analog, digital and cable, I have yet to try the Component inputs, I'll wait untill tonight and then hook up my PS3, and PS2 and see how that works though. Anyways this was easy and for $89.99, its a good widescreen monitor/television. I hope my PS3 will look amazing on this!
  • Also ordered the inverter board, works fine. But what i've noticed on the old board was that one of the standard condensator was blown out. I'm not an electronics engineer but maybe worth a try before ordering the $80 replacement.  
    Try to replace the standard condensator it's soldered on the board so it's possible to replace...
    here  the details of the condensator.
    220 uF
    SC 105  (degrees)
    You can order one at ordernr. 44 54 77-11 this will set you back 0.07 eurocents.
    So maybe worth a try, before ordering the inverter board.
    ; )