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W4200ED Plasma Buzzing (Power Supply?) out of warranty


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W4200ED Plasma Buzzing (Power Supply?) out of warranty

  • Hello,

    I purchased a Dell W4200ED plasma back in March of 2005 and have been very happy with it until a couple of weeks ago when it started buzzing. If it were a CRT monitor, I would have said the fly-back transformer was going, but that is not the case on a Plasma. Of course I did not extend the warranty past the default 1 year as the vast majority of TV sets I have owned or know of in the past have run 5-10 years without any problems. Well "they don't make them like they used to" is getting more and more relevant each year.

    OK, enough of my rant. It seems that I am not alone with this problem and it appears to be related to a power supply issue.
    1) Does anyone know if Dell is offering an extended warranty for this issue?
    2) Does anyone know if this problem can be easily fixed at a TV repair shop?

    I hope I can get it fixed easily and affordable. The noise is bad enough that I cannot live with it and would have to replace the unit with something other than a Dell more than likely.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  • Tim, as you'll find out, the parts, drawings etc. are a closely guarded secret by Dell so that noone other than Dell can repair their tvs. They build in a problem so that the tvs make it thru the warranty period and then quit. Then they'll try to sell you a refurbished unit for almost the price of a new one with no warranty. Don't go for it, go to Best Buy, I bought a 42 inch maxent plasma hd monitor for half of what I paid for the dell 4200 hd and the picture is better than the Dell. And the extended warranty was only $249 for 4 years. I have to admit though, the sound on the Dell is better if that is important to you.


  • I've been jerked around by dell for some time now with my 4200. They initially told ChrisM that they would replace the set if I purchased an additional 3 yr warranty. When I went to do it They said that they don't offer extended warranties on sets out of warranty. I finally found a local TV guy who's trying to trouble shoot the set but he's hitting a wall because as stated above dell doesn't allow anyone access to their schematics or internal troubleshooting knowledge base. I guess they are just afraid to let anyone find out about the substandard parts they used in their power supply board.
    Defiantely do not buy a refurbished set for the $1500 they are asking you'll get a 90 day non-extendable warranty and be back to square one in no time.
    I keep hoping that they'll accept that they shafted hundreds of us out of thousands of dollars and do the same thing they are doing for the 2600 series sets and replace the out of warranty sets and allow us to extend the warranty or at least sell us a new power supply board at a reasonalble cost.

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