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w2600 wont turn off!!!


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w2600 wont turn off!!!

  • i dont know if theres another thread on this. did a search and came up with nothing. is there anything i can do about this? i want my computer on but not the mointor when im not using it! any help appreciated thanks. its hooked up through dvi
  • Are you saying the power button on the TV and the remote do nothing?
    When you shut off the computer, does the TV go to sleep mode? I have my W2600 connected to a Dell8400 -Geforce 6600 on the DVI.
    When i shut off the computer the TV goes to sleep mode, that is where i leave it. i never turn off the TV. If you are concerned about energy usage, in sleep mode the TV uses less than 1Watt of power.
    If you are leaving your computer on, have you tried using the power saving features in XP?
    you can set it to go to sleep after a set amount of time or u can put it in sleep mode immediately.
    as an alternative, u can do what i do. use the inputs button on the remote and change it to an input other than the DVI (and make sure it is an input that is not active) when you do that the monitor will detect no signal and put itself in sleep mode. When u want to use computer its as easy as --inputs button-DVI-enter..
  • yes the tv sleeps when the computer is off. but i want it to be off when my computer is on.

    i tried the inputs way of doing it too, doesnt work. i set it to tv and tried to turn it off, but then it turns on and reverts back to dvi. its annnoying as heck. i guess setting it to tv doesnt work.

    why did they make it this way? dummies

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  • Did you try blintok's idea of using the XP power save features?

  • those arent going to help because i usually have things running on my computer.

    i guess this wont be a monitor anymore. its useless as a monitor to me. too bad. thanks for all you guys help. its such a simple yet stupid part on dell to not include a feature like that, i mean how hard is it to implement that, or let me ask how much does it cost dell to implement that?

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  • The screen saver kicks in if the keyboard has been inactive - it doesn't matter if you have stuff running.

    You should also try switching to an input other than TV.

  • what screen saver, i dont have any screen savers that are on. screen saver on the tv itself?
  • The screen saver on your PC.

  • what the mans saying is that he wants to turn the tv off, so it shunt matter what is connected to it.
    it should simply shut off like when u press the light switch off, it stays off till u switch it back on
    i have the same probelm, i press the button on the side to put it in standby, then 2 seconds later click and the thing comes back on, press the remote standby button, and 2 secs later click its fired back up ?!?!!?

    this is no good at all as i find myself pulling the power lead out the back all the time just so the thing will stay off ?!?!?

    dont matter what input i put it on either
    it just switches itself back on ?!?!!?


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