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Dell W3000 LCD TV monitor


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Dell W3000 LCD TV monitor

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Re: Dell W3000 LCD 30" TV monitors......


Is there a known power supply or a logic issue with the above mentioned Dell product?

These monitors are unable to power on a consistent and reliable basis. It can sometimes take up to half an hour turning the unit on and off to achieve power up. Since the experience is with two identical units, I am thinking that a service bulletin might already exist.

Do any full schematics exist for this unit?

Grateful for your assistance....


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  • Dell does not recognize a widespread issue with any Dell branded TV aside from the 26 inch model. We do not have access to schematics.

  • I have the same issue with my W3000 TV.  For years I have had to turn on and off the TV using the power button until the picture would finally show.  It has gotten worse with time and now the power light just turns on and off (slowly, couple seconds between each cycle) when I turn on the power switch.  I think it has finally died.  Were you able to fix the issue or get help?