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How to cancel order?

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I ordered a Samsung LN52B550 on 11/26 and found that it's on sale with BluRay player for less yesterday(11/29).  So I placed another order thinking that I can cancel my previous order, since it's only confirmed for 1 business day.  I called the customer service line all day long today, and nobody seem to be willing to help.  So I decide to cancel the new order instead, and they told me their database was down and asked me to call back 3 hours later.  After 3 hours, the new order status changed to " In Production" and CS can't cancel it neither.

I am so fed up with their customer service.  I'm going to refuse both delivery and cancel payment on my credit card.

Dell, you lost another customer again.....

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  • I spent about a week trying to cancel my order being passed from person-prson, Every single one I spoke to just re-iterated the 'refuse shipment' argument. Utterly impractical as the Kit was getting delivered to my work address, and I can't lurk outside the deliveries entrance all day. I've now been in touch with my credit card company who will dispute the transaction for me.I never expected Dells customer service to be so poor.The 'in production' status just means it's in their order system waiting to be built, and they can absolutely cancel it before that if needed. It's just an excuse they use to stop orders being canceled.


    I'm still trying to speak to someone at Dell who will listen to me and cancel my order!