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W2600 Power issue - disgusted with Dell


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W2600 Power issue - disgusted with Dell

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I am two months out of product warranty on my Dell W2600 LCD TV and the unit has developed a fault and will no longer turn on. There is a clicking noise when I press the button and no blue power light.

After doing some searching in these forums and on the web, I understand this issue is a known design fault with the unit and am disgusted that Dell have not enforced some form of product recall or at least informed me, while I was still within my warranty period, that the unit was likely to fail.

I feel cheated having paid a lot of money, very little over three years ago for a television I hoped would last longer than 36 months. I do not consider this anything approaching value for money.

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  • I also have a problem with my Dell W2600 LCD TV.  Yesterday morning the TV was working fine.  When I returned home from work I tried to turn it back on to only find out that the TV was blacked out.  I get sound, and the blue LED is lit but the screen is totally black.  As if the set isn't even turned on.  Not even black like the wrong input is selected, black as if the thing was unplugged and not on.  I've seen several posts on the net about problems very similar to this.  I paid almost $1300 for this pile of junk just over 3 years ago.  I decided to buy it because I though that it would last me 10 years and because Dell's name was on it.  I though that meant quality.  Not so much.  I come to find out that Dell doesn't even make that set.  They just put their name on it.  If I had known that I would have bought a Samsung, LG, or Sharp.

    I'm very disappointed with this problem and intend to contact my company's customer rep and express my displeasure.

  • Even if they had informed you, it wouldn't have mattered. We have had ours replaced twice during the initial warranty, and were fortunate enough to get Dell to extend the warranty by a year, in which they had to replace it again. And now... it is once again a very large, very expensive paperweight. It is the first time I have truly been disappointed with Dell.


  • Last time I buy a Dell . My TV is now 3 1/2 years old and will not be covered by the bad power parts DELL put in them. I paid over $1200 for this TV and it should definitely last more than 3 years.

    I was told that TVs made as of Sept 2005 has a faulty system and would be replaced, however if the problem happens now and it is over  3 years and Dell tells you Sorry but we cannot do anything. As thios TV is in my bedroom it is not used as much so the problem occur later and is now over 3 years old. I have been a good and loyal customer with buying a TV, desk top computer, lap top computer  for me and  my family members. Dell refuses to stand behind there products , it is a disgrace. 

    They also appear to have remove threads that talk about the issues.

    SHAME ON DELL!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I have the same problem. I was home when mine went out in a Blaze of Glory! Blue light stays on but no pic? Well if you have a screw driver, open it up from the back, then take off all the little screws holding the metal back. Now look were the plug-in is, the board it is attached to will be your problem. On the top of mine the wire harness, board caught fire. I was lucky being home at the time, but just imagine what would happen if someone wasn't at home. DELL W2600 "FIRE HAZARD: get rid of it ASAP! I filed a Complaint with the  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and urge everyone who has had issue with W2600 to do the same.  Customers are not to blame for this mess, Micheal Dell is, and he should have address this issue long ago and stop trying to dodge his customers!

  • Call Dell and tell them that the unit caught fire.  Mine did the same thing but I saw a spark.  When I call them at first they said that the TV was out of warranty and that there was nothing that they could do.  Once I was able to explain that I was calling because the unit sparked and I was concerned it was going to burn my house down, they sent me a replacment TV that day.  It's worth a shot, and they do not want to be responsible for one fo their TV's burning down a house.

  • Thanks for the Email. I wrote Micheal Dell personally and explained the defect and poor communications skills of his Call Center for Customer Service. I gave him the opportunity to make good on this and just exchange it for one simular. But neither he or any staff member return with an answer. So now I have no other choice but to bring this "Fire Hazard" to the attention of Consumer Protection as well as a Formal Complaint to the US Attourney Generals Office. DELL knew this w2600 had serious issues with the power loss and what the possible results of that failure ie: "Fire"! But continued to sell them. Dell should have "Recalled" the W2600 long ago. But I'm willing to make it right if Dell makes it right and replaces my W2600 for a simular LCD. It's that easy. I will also be posting a video of my W2600 on youtube.com soon, I will show people how to open the back and remove the metal cover panel to see if the have had a fire issue as I have.  I will title it "Dell W2600, Burning Down the House". I wonder if anyone has lost a home due to a unexplained fire and owned a Dell W2600. Video might stir up some public response.

  • I have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dell has done nothing to help me. I have spent over 40 hour on the phone with customer service with no fix to my problem. Shame on Dell!!!!

  • i have the same problem with my dell w2600. i have not gotten any help from dell i was in warranty when i started trying to get my tv replaced, i am now out of warranty but am not going to give up. i have heard the power supply is very easy to replace if you can find the part.

  • I feel the exact same way. I am so disgusted with Dell. I will never buy one again!! My W2600 worked great until I tried to turn it on yesterday, and it wouldn't. After waiting to talk to technical support for 30 minutes someone finally picked up and told me pretty much to get a new tv. I will get a new tv...it won't be a Dell, and it won't ever be a Dell. I don't know why I even own stock in Dell. There product is junk!! Guess I'm going to sell it today.  My warranty was up, but yet again I wasn't expecting this to happen for another 10 years! So very disappointed.