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W4200HD Plasma TV No picture/No sound


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W4200HD Plasma TV No picture/No sound

  • I've got a 42" plasma thats a 11/2 old. (No Warranty left)
    No picture or sound.....I can watch and listen to dvd's, with the picture quality and sound being excellent. Any suggestions?
    I do not want to go through Jabil if I can help it.
  • If you can watch DVD's then it's not the TV panel that is your problem.  Your connection to your video source (cable, sat.)  is your problem.  How is your TV connected?  If you have HDMI you may want to try the component cable.  Have you had yor cable/sat. provider check your system?
  • We just have it hooked up by coaxial cable to the NTSC connector. We did try a different television to this connection, and it worked fine. All other TV's work fine in the house.
  • Then you probably have a bad coax port on your TV.  Do you have any other type of cables (composite that are red, yellow, white) (component that are green, blue, red) or an "S" video cable?  If you are going directly into your TV from your outside cable then you probably don't have a "box" that would have these connections I mentioned.  You could probably get a box from your cable provider and they could hook it up using these other connections.
    I had a bad port on my HDMI port and switched to component cables and was able to make it work.
    Good Luck!
  • tjtk22,

    What number are you choosing in the Input Select Menu? Did you try both 4 and 5?
  • Looks like a bad coaxial port. I've got it working now......THANKS
  • I've purchased a 42" plasma in Jan 05 and now the screen won't display but I have sound. I called Dell and was refered to Jabil Circuit. I placed a call but have not had a response as of 3/16/07. This does not look good. (Literally) Any tech support company recommendation would be appreciated. I'm in The Tampa Bay area.
  • You can probably get that HDMI port fixed. Mine was giving probs before, so Dell had me contact a specific service technician who came out and updated my firmware. It's been fine ever since.
  • Geoffster,

    I am unaware of the at home firmware update service? Please private message me the following information so I can look it up -
    Shipping address:
    Service tag number:
    Order number:
  • Has Jabil Circuit called you back yet? I have left 7 messages and get no response.
  • No they haven't and they probably won't. I took it to a local repair shop that identified the problem but Dell won't deal with them. Dell offered to sell me a rebuilt unit with me returning my defective screen as a "core". I'm not sure I'm willing to do that since the same problem may reoccur. "Once bitten twice shy". I was tolg LG Phillips built these screen for Dell. I'm going to see if anyone else can help. I'm sure some manufacturer out there makes the part for Dell. If I find any info out there I'll let you know.
  • Thanks for the info. I'll do the same...if I get further info, I'll let you know. It seems like someone would be happy to sell parts to individual repair facilities to repair these televisions.