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Dell W5001C known issues


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Dell W5001C known issues

  • I purchased my Dell W5001C plasma right before Thanksgiving direct from Dell. I recieved the TV on the 23rd of November and that is when I noticed that the right speaker had been damaged in shipping.  The TV was OK but someone ran a forklift through the speaker box and crushed one of the spreakers.  I immediately called Dell to report the damaged speakers.  
    I was told that Dell would be shipping out a replacement set immediately and they would be there the next day after Thanksgiving.  Well the next two days came and went and no speakers.  Called Dell back again and they said they would ship out another set of speakers and they would be delivered the next day.  The next two days came and went and no speakers.  I let things slide a week to see if the speakers would come and they never did. 
    About a two weeks later I called Dell and got angry with them about the speakers not showing up and being lied to twice about these speakers.  I was then told the same thing again that the replacement speakers would be shipped out overnignt and I would have them the next day.  I waited a couple of weeks and the speakers never showed up.
    By now it is mid January and I called Dell about the replacement speakers.  They tell me again that they will ship the speakers out and I will have them the next day.  At this point, I am irate and tell Dell that I demanded to return the TV.  I was told that I would be contacted by the rma department to schedule a return and that they will be calling me back in the evening to schedule pickup. 
    The rma department called me back and informed me that this TV is past the 21 day return policy and ineligible for return.  I told them that I was told by another CSR that it would be ok to return this TV because of all the issues I had with the speakers.  The rma dept said that they did not know what was going on and that the csr who told me I could return the unit would call me back in the morning.  The csr called me back in the morning and told me that she made an error and that I could not return the TV.  What she really meant to say is sorry and your stuck with us now even though we lied to you on about every occasion you called in trying to resolve any issue.  The next day the speakers finall showed up. 
    Since I recieved the TV new out of the box I have been frantically wearing the buttons out on the remote trying to get the picture level to an acceptable level on any input with no luck.  I have had several individuals ask me why the picture is so bad on this TV, I tell them it is just the networks on the dish, ya right.  My wife is irate about this TV due its extreamely poor picture quality and me constantly changing the picture settings. 
    About two weeks into the use of this new TV on HDMI 2 the picture starts dropping out with the HDMI 2 popup on the top of the screen.  I then replaced the HDMI cable between the DVR 921 and the HDMI 2 input.  Same issue with a different cable.  So I decide to upgrade the DVR 921 to the DVR 942 just in case there was an issue with the 921.  I install the 942 and the problem with HDMI 2 dropping out is still there and over time it becomes even worse.  So I buy another HDMI cable and replace the old one.  Same issue and no fix.  By now HDMI 2 is becomming unusable so I switch to HDMI 1 to find out I have the same dropping out issue.  Finally both MDMI 1 and 2 quit working and I have to hook the 942 up with component cable to watch tv. 
    I called Dell about the HDMI issue and the csr had me perform a short test that did not work so the csr stated that the TV is defective and a new one will be sent out for replacement on 2-14.  I am almost sure the replacement unit that will be showing up is a reman unit with the same poor picture quality and HDMI inputs will continue to drop out.  I base this speculation on reading the posts in this forum and other forums with other customers that Dell shafted.  Dell knows this TV is substandard and has issues.  I would expect a company like Dell would take care of their customers and resolve known issues.  In closing I will never ever purchase another TV from Dell and will make every effort to make sure that no one else gets the shaft like I did.  I will continue to update when I get the replacement set.....

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  • holy phreeholy ..i am eyes are bleeding... oh the the pain.

    paragraphs, man.. for the love of god!!

    sorry you have had such a rough time. hope things work out for you in the end.

    let us know how the replacement TV goes
  • When we got our W500IC over two months ago, the picture quality was pretty poor in SD. When we had the DirecTV multi sattilite HD dish installed, SD quality greatly improved, almost as good as HD.
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  • Here is my update after Dell replaced the TV today.  Dell sent out a tech with the delivery of this tv.  The tech was from Qualxserv.  We unhooked the old tv and took it off the mount in prep for the replacement tv.  Upon unloading the replacement TV from the truck I noticed that the box said refurbished on it.  You will not get a new tv from Dell when you have an issue and have to replace your tv after 21 days.  You will get someone else's used TV that has been misused and still may have issues. 
    Right out of the box after powering up this TV I noticed that the screen was burned from the previous owner watching it in 4:3 mode (sides) and 16:9 mode (top and bottom).  Both HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 still would not work on this replacement tv when hooked up to a Dish Network DVR 942 HDTV sat receiver. 
    The tech spent at least an hour on the phone with Dell support testing, jumping though all the hoops and getting the run around like I did.  Finally the tech was getting irritated with the run around and all testing that continued to fail on HDMI 1 and 2.  The tech told Dell support that the customer (me) was angry about receiving a refurbished TV with the screen burned and no resolution to the HDMI inputs.  My old tv was perfect and did not have a burned screen due to proper use. 
    Also revealed on the phone to the local tech by Dell support was, and I quote what is on the service card "Dell tech said supervisor disclosed 'new' information to him that there is a compatibility issue with Dell TV's.  This means Dell can't guarantee HD technology - would not give details why HD problems exist"  So basically what I understand is that Dell can't guarantee that the HDMI ports will work on their TV's and that there may be other problems causing this tv to have issues with HDTV, HDMI and picture quality.  Bottom line is that the tv is defective.  Tech suggested before he left that I call Dell and demand to get a supervisor on the phone.  This is exactly what I did after he left. 
    I did get a supervisor after having to be on hold for 10 minutes.  I got the same run around again in the beginning about the receiver, cables, and the tv.  I told him that I had a tech out here today when the tv was replaced.  I also told the supervisor that the tech was on the phone for over an hour with Dell tech support and the issue could not be resolved.  The supervisor was starting to get short tempered with me on the phone until I read the following information above to him.  The he said " I can send you out another replacement TV'.  I told him no because I do not want another refurbished unit with the screen burned and I know that the replacement tv will not work with the HDMI ports.  I told him that the only acceptable option was to return the tv for a full refund.  He said he could not do that and he would have to transfer me to customer service.  I told him that this was not an option because I already tried that during the speaker issue and I know that the tv is past the 21 day return period.  So the supervisor told me that the corporate offices were closed and he will have his tech upload the case to the corporate system and he would call me back tomorrow night.  I questioned him about actually calling me back and he told me that he would personally call me back in the evening of 2-15 with a solution. I will update again tomorrow night after my phone call from the supervisor.........

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  • PLEASE...paragraphs. I'd love to read what you've written but it hurts...

  • "PLEASE....paragraphs"

    And please try to be succinct.

  • Sorry about the paragraphs.  I am just so angry about this issue. I will keep you up to date.
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    Refer to my posting:
  • Wow.  What a nightmare!  My speakers went bad too and they emailed me yesterday, saying will be sending new ones.    Thankfully though, the picture on my 3 week old 50" is good.  I guess it's hit or miss on these sets.  I'm getting nervous, and paying close attention to my set.  Thanks for your post.  Good luck.
  • All,

    Dell is aware of the HDMI/Dish Network issues. We are working with Dish on this but currently do not have a fix. For the time being, please use component video.
  • I bought this tv specifically to use the HDMI inputs with the DVR 921/942.  Still does not work and once again Dell simply can't deliver what they advertise.  Only acceptable solution is a return and a full refund!
  • Another update.
    I initially received an authorization to return the TV to Dell.  I Called back a few days later to tell Dell that I needed the boxes sent out with the shipper to pick the tv up as I could not find mine.  I started questioning why UPS was going to pick this set up.  I told the CSR that this TV was to big to be shipped with UPS.  CSR then gave me the run around, bla, bla, bla, then transferred again and then I was transferred to a Plasma Specialist. 
    The plasma specialist said the return was not set up correctly by the previous department and that I could not return the tv again.  I told her that the TV was going back for return/full refund and I had the previous Rep ID, callback number with extension, case number and some sort of return pickup number.  The plasma specialist supervisor was not pleasant with me on the phone after I pointed out I had the proper documentation and I told her I was tired of the run around, transfers, stories and lies. After some resistance, she told me that she would contact the other department to find out what was going on and that she would fix the problem in the system so that the tv could now be returned.  I then questioned the full account credit as this was purchased on the Dell card, made sure I was not paying the 15 percent restocking fee and that I was not paying return shipping to Dell.  She confirmed that full credit would be applied minus discounts, no restocking fee and I was not paying for return shipping. She told me someone would be out to pick the Tv up within two weeks.
    She did tell me I would have to pay a $100.00 fee for when the tech was out here replacing the TV.  I did not request this tech and he was sent out by Dell to replace my NEW tv with a REFURBISHED unit that still does not work. Nice one DELL, make your customers pay for troubleshooting your defective TV's.
    The bottom line is this.  I am completely at my whits end with all the run around, stories, and lies that Dell has told me.  Dell is going to take this TV back for a full refund or I am going to hire a lawyer as I have had enough.  I have everything documented as to what happened from when the tv was ordered to now.  This is just insane as to what a customer has to endure to resolve an issue or return a known defective product.
    I will post another update soon.