I received your message. I am responding here.

You had asked about using your Pocket DJ with Vista.

1.) You can upgrade the firmware here using the link below. Note that doing so will erase everything on your DJ. Also, it requires access to a Windows XP machine to complete the process.

Pocket DJ Firmware

Since it erases everything and requires a Windows XP computer, and not knowing how comfortable you would be completing the process, I would recommend option 2.

2.) Install Rhapsody software. It is free using the link below. You do not need to subscribe to Rhapsody or buy music from them. Just use the software. For some reason, it allows the DJ to be seen on Vista machines.

To do so, install the Rhapsody software. Open Rhapsody. Plug in your DJ. Allow windows to install the player. You should now be able to transfer music to and from your player using Rhapsody. Once you restart your computer, Windows Media Player will see the DJ and you will have an easy solution for transferring music to and from your player.

Rhapsody Software Information


Hope this helps you use you Pocket DJ with Vista.