Am probably in the wrong forum but pleqase help if you can . . .

Purchased AudioEngine's product for wirelessly sending music from my laptop (Dell E1505) to my stereo.  The product is very simple . . . no driver's needed, just two dongles, one (the sender) that plugs into the laptop's USB port and another (the receiver) that connects to the stereo's receiver. That's it.

The problem is this . . . plugging the sender into the USB port brings on the blue screen of death and a warning that a device is trying to access un-executable memory (whatever that means).  On a friend's laptop, my AudioEngine equipment works just fine.

Anybody got any suggestions on how to deal with this. Please help. I really want this to work . . . and I should add that AudioEngine has been no help whatsoever. Their attitude is basically "we've never heard of this before and too bad for you."

If you've got some ideas, pleas let me know.


PS - I'm running Windows XP Media Center 2002 Service Pack 3 and all updates as of yesterday.