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Linksys WCF12 and WM2003


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Linksys WCF12 and WM2003

  • Anyone have any luck getting this combination to work?  Waited a week and a half of delayed shipments and UPS notes left on my front door... now I finally have CF card in hand and I am SOOO sick of seeing "Unrecognized Card."

    Incidentally, I was also annoyed to find out that Microsoft doesn't seem to offer a Money 2003 for WM2003 yet.  They only have it for 2002.  I really wish Dell had given me a CHOICE of OS before sticking me with one that no one supports yet.

  • You tell me if you solve it...Same problem ! Linsys refers me to Dell, they say CF slot doesn't work.....
  • All,

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    So far as I know the Linksys drivers do not support Pocket PC 2003.  I tried to setup the WCF12 under Pocket PC 2003, and the Operating System did not recognize the drivers.  Updated drivers will be required.


  • Yep...

    I found the same thing Rollie.  I contacted Linksys Tech Support about it... no ETA on the drivers yet.   *sigh*

  • Add me to the list of people that jumped the gun on the new WM2003 and thought I'd add the WCF12.  WCF12 shows unrecognized card, my new Axim is ridiculously slow, and now I have hundreds of dollars invested and the only usuable items are the colorful boxes it all came in.

    Linksys told me that they've had several requests for WM2003 drivers for the WCF12, but would not tell me if they would release new drivers, a new version of the card, or just scrap it altogether (hope not).  All I got from them was "keep checking the website" as there is no auto-notification for new drivers.

    Anyone know if its worth holding onto the WCF12 or my new Axim before I ship both of them back next week in frustration?



  • I did not upgrade to WM2003, but I did install the Dell ROM upgrade, and I am having similar problems with the WCF 12.  Sometimes, I get the Linksys configuration program to run, although connecting to WiFi sites is another story.  Other times I get the "Unrecognized Card" message.  So far, Linksys has just sent me a driver and recommended reinstall.  That doesn't help, and I think it's the same driver that came with my card originally.

    Any ideas?

  • elbo,

    same problem here with the wcf-12 and netgear ma701 after the rom upgrade for ppc2002. oddly, though I was *lucky* enough to have to RMA a dead WCF-12 (it quit powering altogether). Linksys turned it around in <2 wks, and the new one works for some reason more consistently on my ppc2002 axim. In fact, it hasn't failed.

    go figure...

  • Here's some great news if its true from the Aximsite forums:

    Windows Mobile 2003 driver support for WCF12"
    ** You are now speaking with Chester Umbania, Quick Questions. **
    MTPacifico : hello
    MTPacifico : would like to know the status of Windows Mobile 2003 drivers for the WCF12.
    Chester Umbania : HI
    Chester Umbania : its still being tested. hopefully this comping week it would be released
    MTPacifico : so we can safely assume that it will be available by the end of the month or first week of august?
    Chester Umbania : yes. it will be posted on the site once it is ready for downloading
    MTPacifico : alright, good enough for me. Thanks for your time.

    I can't wait to actually have a Dell patch for WM2003 and have my wireless card working at the same time.... and only a month after I bought them..........


  • Thanks for the info. I have exactly the same "unrecognised card" problem on my (new) Axim basic with WM2003.

    So now, I am waiting for:

    WM2003 Drivers for Dell BT Truemobile CF card (no estimated date)

    WM2003 Performance "fix" from Dell (eta September)

    WM2003 Drivers from Linksys (eta August?)


    Anyone else see a pattern here? I just wish I'd order my Axim a couple of weeks earlier and it would have had PPC2002 :(

    I have had NO benefit from having WM2003 at all, only these problems and delays.

  • Does anyone know if there are any other manufactures who make a CF wireless ethernet card that works with the Dell Axim running Pocket PC 2003? Thanks.

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  • hi there guys

    found this possible workaround on the web


  • Didn't work for me.  Still waiting on Linksys.  This su(ks!!!
  • I take it all back.  It works!!!  Once you download the software, from "Run the installer and then do a soft reset. Then power back up and insert your Linksys card. The OS should gove you and "Unrecognized card" pop-up. Enter 'wlannds.dll' (without quotes) into the input box and click 'Ok'.

    Your link light should now be flashing green and you will be notified of the existing 802.11b networks within range (if any).

    Going to 'Start->Settings->Connections->Connections' will also let you see networks w/in range."  

    Thanks to Scott for the info.

    I implies no warranty and this fix is done at your own risk, but it works so far for me.  I will replace the drivers once Linksys has one posted.



  • Yep...

    Worked for me too.  I can't seem to get it to sync over the wireless connection though.     Another task for another day... don't have time to fool with it today.

  • If you can connect to your router then you should be able to sync, just make on your desktop activesync, you check the allow ethernet access.  This driver works great....would be nice if Linksys would provide utility like sitesurvey and stuff......And where/how do you enter the WEP key?