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Pocket PC 2003 Operating System


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Pocket PC 2003 Operating System

  • My daughter has a Dell Axim X5 with the Pocket PC 2002 OS.  Where can I get the 2003 OS?  I did some searching but wasn't able to find anything except old links that no longer worked.

  • This has been discussed HERE.
  • I would like to let Dell know that there are people who would buy the windows mobile 2003 second edition if they would just think of offering it.  and also that Toshiba offers the update for free to its costomers.  and thats all i have to say.
  • Dell knows that, they did offer it for a long time, and they even specified that it would only be availible until a certain date. 
  • You guys really mix up things here.
  • "Dell knows that, they did offer it for a long time, and they even specified that it would only be availible until a certain date."

    Blah, blah, blah... that's the same response you give every time someone comes in here asking for help; never mind the fact that there are people that never owned an X5 during the time the upgrade was available, but have got one now. What are they supposed to do? Use it as a paperweight? Luckily, I was able to get the upgrade directly from Dell for free, on their website. I think it was named R64365.EXE, and it was there for some time, if I remember correctly. It's gone now, though. As you can gather from some of my previous rantings, I've had it with a company that seems to treat their loyal, paying customers as nothing more than a nuisance when it comes to support, and treating them like a cash cow when it comes to upgrades. At my job, we have about 30 PC's, all Dell, from Dimensions to Optiplexes, to the pair of PowerEdge servers. Alas, we have outgrown the servers, and the next version of our MRP software also requires about two-thirds of the desktops to be replaced. I just took delivery of the first 6 PC's two weeks ago. Yup, NetVistas, from that 3 lettered "big blue" company, that I have had great service from. They will be getting all my business from now on. Here's hoping I contribute to rising unemployment - in New Delhi! Bye, Michael, and bye, Rollie, the hall monitor.
  • That is "the response I give everyone when the come in looking for help"? Get a grip pal, get a grip. You really just proved your ignorance with your own words, I don't even have to wast time doing this now, thank you. That's a perfect screen name, those tears you always come in with must taste pretty salty. And "Blah, blah, blah? Why don't you take a look @ some of your posts? All you do is whine and complain "Wah, wah wah, I didn't get the upgrade in time, now I hate Dell" Classic case of projection . . . You ought to look on ebay, you might find some cheap high chair trays you could bang on . . .
  • Exactly where in this level headed, well mannered response of yours did you actually answer ANY of my 100% valid points?!? As stated in my previous posts, Dell made quite sure to advertise the ease of upgrade capabilities of these handhelds, due to the FlashROM, yet many people will never get to find out now, since they a)pulled the previous WM2003 upgrade, and b)refuse to even inform their customers that they won't even give them a chance to *buy* the WM2003SE upgrade, let alone have it for free. My X5 was literally dropped from support, due to this lack of SE availability, before I owned it for 10 months! I really feel sorry for those owners that never heard of this forum, since this looks like the only place they would have even heard of any upgrades. Also, this kind of ad hominem attack by yourself is clearly against the forum policies. (I DID get the WM2003 upgrade, by the way; if you have bothered to actually read what I posted, you would have picked up on that little tidbit.)

    Dell fanboy fanaticism aside, it's clear to anyone with two remaining firing synapses that Dell is only after your money, and couldn't care less about you once they get it. They really dropped the ball here, and that is an undeniable fact. It's too bad, really. I really liked their products, and I love my Axim. Just think how much better it could have been with Second Edition! I would have paid for the screen rotation alone. (But not a third-party app, though. This is a feature that should be OS-native.)

    (It should be noted that the only reason I even posted my previous response was to try helping out the original poster. Remember, Google is your friend.)

    Here's hoping everyone has a safe holiday weekend! (Yes, even you, Wooch!)
  • Now the "Oh, you didn't see my points" routine.  I've seen this all before.  Yout have a nice weekend too.
  • All,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.  Well, I will not really thank you for using it this way.  Anymore posts like this and I will rap your knuckles with a ruler.  That goes for both of you.

    No Axim has been dropped from support.  No matter how old your Axim is, even if it is no longer under warranty, you can contact Dell Technical Support and get help with correcting your problem.  As with all Dell systems, you have support for the Operating System that came with your Axim.

    With Dell PCs and Servers, you have support for the Operating System that shipped on the system.  If your Dell PC shipped with Windows 98, and you upgraded to Windows XP, then Dell still supports your hardware, and Microsoft supports your software.  However, if you still have a system that shipped with Windows 3.1, and you still have Windows 3.1 on it, and you contact Technical Support they will help you with that Operating System.  They may have trouble because the technician may not have any recent experience with that Operating System, but he will help you.

    The Axim is a little different, because you can only get Operating System updates from Dell.  Dell offered the update for more than one year, and for several months after the originally announced cut off date.  We are sorry that you chose not to update your Axim during that time.  I am especially sorry if you purchased an Axim, recently, from a user who did not choose to update.

    However, not having Windows Mobile 2003 does not make the Axim X5 a "paperweight", unless you feel that it was a paperweight for the first 6-8 months that it was sold.  Pocket PC 2002 is a fully featured and stable Operating System.  Windows Mobile 2003 does not add many features to Pocket PC 2002, and in fact a few of the applets, like the calculator have fewer features than Pocket PC 2002.  Most if not all Pocket PC applications will run under Pocket PC 2002.  It is not a paperweight anymore than a PC with Windows 98 is a paperweight.  I am sorry that you feel that a computer or PDA is useless simply because it does not have the latest Operating System on it.

    Dell has not abandoned Axim X5 users.  Pocket PC 2002 has been updated to the point where it is stable, and causes few problems.  Just as with other older products, there will be few new updates for the Axim X5, because they are not needed. 

    I am sorry that you feel abandoned, but Dell has not abandoned you.  Dell is still ready to support you with any problems that you have with your X5.


  • So, what happens for 30+ State Enterprise purchased Axims that have not been used until now, that have the Pocket PC 2002 A04 Rom update on the PDAs? I've been tasked with a statewide GIS/GPS/PDA integration project and the software that we're using has been tested by our Software Department and requires Pocket PC 2003...?

    I believe that any level customers, whether home or enterprise level, need to be made aware of any "restrictions" on updates of their hardware. Since I've just headed this project about 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to work with my hardware, I've lost a lot of productive time trying to find updates that aren't available anymore.

    What can we do to remedy this situation?

    Mark Wolf

    IT Support Technician

    Alachua County Health Department
  • "So, what happens for 30+ State Enterprise purchased Axims that have not been used until now, that have the Pocket PC 2002 A04 Rom update on the PDAs?"

    As is the case with most updates, 'you snooze, you lose'...

    If you left your product in a warehouse for 5 years before using it, would you still expect the manufacturer to provide an update, when they originally specified that said update had limited availability?

  • Mark,

    No matter who you work for, or how many Axims you have, there is little that Dell can do if you leave your Axims unused for more than a year.  At least, that is what you seem to be saying.  Axim X5s sold in the last nearly 18 months have been sold with Windows Mobile 2003 (since sometime in March-April 2003).  I understand that you may not have been responsible for the Axims during this time, but if your Department has owned these Axims for 18 months or more, then it seems that someone should have checked for updates during that time.

    I have no solution to offer you, and I can only suggest that you contact Customer Service and explain your problem.  I am not sure that they will be able to offer you a solution either.



  • Rollie, you seem to be seriously misinformed. The first Axim X5s with WM2003 started to ship on June 23, 2003. If someone bought an Axim on June 22, 2003, it came with PPC2002. Now regarding the upgrades, the first version was defective. Fixed versions of the upgrade started to ship some time in September 2003. And it was discontinued some time in May this year. This means that this upgrade was only available for about 9 months, and it was discontinued much less than one year after the first Axims with WM2003 had started shipping.
  • Thanks szia,

    I thought so myself... with all the reading about Dell's messup on the A04 upgrade and it's fixes, I've been quite perturbed to hear that they've removed the update.

    nasatech's comment, "you snooze, you lose...", which by the way was quite rude, is quite the contrary to most of Dells updates. If Dell can choose to continue supporting GX1's with firmware, driver, and other updates, I would believe that they would do the same with their Axims. That Dell, even though it was their programming messup that caused this whole ordeal, did not bother contacting their purchasing contractholders about this, and make them aware of a "restricted/timebased" update for a possibly permanent software issue is plain ludicrious.

    It seems that Dell does NOT offer the same courtesies to their handheld customers as they are their other hardware customers, which in my opinion is quite surprising considering their past record of great customer service.

    I wonder how Ford would treat me if I took my 1998 Escort to a Ford Dealer and asked to have my door replaced:

    "Oh, sorry! We can't assist you with that, you should have had your door replaced between the first Tuesday in July 1998 and the last Friday in May 1999"

    "Oh, you didn't get that memo? You should have checked our site."

    "You didn't have this problem until JUNE 99? Sorry, you snooze, you lose."

    Sad customer service on this one folks either way you look at it.


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