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"The page you are looking for cannot be found"


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"The page you are looking for cannot be found"

  • Hey everyone,

    Well I finally got the issue with the router and wi-fi card straightened out ( I hope) because my axim has finally decided to connect to the internet.  But, every website I try gets the same message that's in the subject line.

    Hope you can help,


  • Caroline,

    That message indicates that you are not properly connecting to the internet.


  • Just got my axim hooked up yesterday and I frequently get this message also.  My internet is Enabled and the light is flashing, and status shows I'm connected.  After I reset, it will work.

  • I've seen this on numerous Axim X3i's.  It seems many have flaky WiFi.  Just keep getting it changed until you get one that works.  You might also try changing the channel on your router/WiFi to use something other than the default.


  • Not sure what was the root cause of the inconsistent Wi-Fi access, but it is working very well now.  I found out the I.S. department was changing some things on the system which might have been related, plus I downloaded the most recent drivers from Dell.  I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  It is absolutly worth extra money to have the wi-fi to be able to check e-mail (or e-bay???) without going back to your office between meetings.
  • Guys please help. I have had my x3i for 4 days now and it was working great with the wireless network at my job. But then I came to work today and I am getting page you are looking for cannot be found. My job wireless has no wep or security features setup. Its wide open. I am getting a valid ip address and I can ping websites. I disabled the power settings. Please help me!!
  • same here,

    disabled power save and to no avail.


  • uh,

    the internet is available when the axim is cradled. once I pull it, the page you are looking for message returns. what gives? this thing connected lovely out the box. Is this the driver update? also, settings do not stay: once the network adapter is changed to internet from work, I go back to find it still on work. =(