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Axim X50v VGA Cable Software Needed!


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Axim X50v VGA Cable Software Needed!

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Hi!  This is my 1st post here.  I'm deployed to Iraq right now and need some software.


For years I used an HP iPaq 2215 PDA.  Very happy with it but since I started watching movies on it I decieded to get a 480x640 VGA screen PDA.  I choose the Dell Axim X50v and it's is very nice! 

(BTW, I MUST used Winows Mobile 2003/2003SE as some of my CF cards do NOT work with Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x)


I just bought a Dell VGA cable for the Axim X50v.  Reading the X50 manual on page 28, it says I need a program called "Viewer" to use the cable.  It's not on the Dell X50 download page (at least I can't find it!).  I chatted with Dell support who said that they didn't know where i might get it.


Does anyone have the Viewer program that they could send it to me?





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