When my Windows Vista computers updated to service pack 2, I was no longer able to sync my X51V Axim to either of them. When cradled and uncradled, the customary beeping occurred but the Axim and computer never saw each other. The same thing happened on both of my computers with the Axim. After a 6 week back and forth of emails with Microsoft, I happened upon the hard reset (pressing reset on back together with on/off button for 5 seconds). Immediately after a hard reset, the Axim connects and fully syncs. But once uncradled, it will not sync again until I perform another hard reset. Microsoft is telling me that it's a compatability issue with the current version of Vista. Anyone have any ideas on how to overcome having to do a hard reset?

Axim:  x51 v - Windows Mobile 5.0  ROM Version A12

PC:  Dell XPS 410:  Vista 32 service pack 2

Laptop:  HP Pavilion:  Vista 64 - service pack 2