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CF Slot on a Dell Axm x50v (mw 2003SE)


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CF Slot on a Dell Axm x50v (mw 2003SE)

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can anyone tell me for sure whether or not you can use a Compact Flash GPS on a Dell Axim x50v? I am getting some conflicting info, one posts claims that the CF slot is only for memory and not other devices and Dell claims that you can use a CF GPS. The reason I ask is because my Holux GR271 CF GPS causes the dell Axim to freeze up completely so Im trying to figure out why.





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  • pshabestari,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    To be able to use the GPS receiver a Bluetooth serial connection must be setup on the Axim X50/X50v. Depending on the Axim X50/X50v model, either an external or internal Bluetooth connection must be setup. You cannot use a CF GPS on this unit.


  • Thanks for the response. Thats what I was afraid of and I already bought a CF GPS but will get a bluetooth one instead. So why no CF GPS on this unit? is the CF slot really only for memory upgrades? is it the same on the x51V I hope not because I just bought 8 of those