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8 GB SDHC driver for Axim X50


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8 GB SDHC driver for Axim X50

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Can anyone recommend drivers to utilize an 8GB or higher SDHC flash memory card in my Axim X50?

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  • cyber-pain,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum,

    Unfortunatly, the Axim X50 does not have any Dell drivers that will make this size card work .

  • Thanks for the reply Jessie. I’ll just stick with the highest capacity SD cards I can find. So far it’s just been 2GB SD. I have read there are 4 GB SD cards out there. No luck finding them so far.

    Thanks again!

  • Yeah, I really wish the SDHC cards would work in the Axim X50.

    Here's a good deal for you, though!  Buy.com has a SanDisk 4GB MicroSD with adapter card for $11.34  total ($6.34 + $5.00 shipping) and a SanDisk 2GB SD for $1.60 before shipping!         See link below or just go to Buy.com

    I wasn't looking before you mentioned it but I may have to buy one too so I can store more and transfer stuff between my Motorola Razr and Axim (currently I have a 2GB MircroSD in my Axim)

    BTW, If you can free up your CF slot there is a CF adapter for the higher capacity SDHC cards but then again you could just get a big CF for that matter (unless you want to use the SDHC card so you can use it with other devices like a camera, etc)

    This SD card kit makes it easy to get the most out of your memory. This kit gives you adapters so one card will fit all your microSD/SD phones and devices. Easily transfer, save and enjoy your favorite music, photos and videos across multiple devices with use of the multiple adapters

  • Thanks for the web link. I checked it out but also looks like a 4GB SDHC card. I decided to purchas two 2GB cards to play it safe.