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Compact flash CF wireless adapter driver installation


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Compact flash CF wireless adapter driver installation

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I have been trying to get my AmbiCom WL54-CF 802.11g wireless card to work in my Axim X50. I installed the software through my desktop and can see it being installed on the handheld, but after following the install instructions and performing a soft reset and putting in the card, nothing happens. A configuration screen is supposed to appear that allows me to find active networks and try to log-in.

When I insert the card, the "power" light comes on for a few seconds and then goes off,  and then the Unrecognized Card message appears. Noting that  the "link" light has never illuminates.

The handheld has Windows Mobile 2003 second Edition version 4.21.1088 416 MHz Processor type Intel PXA270

Do I need to do some kind(s) of upgrade(s) to get this card to work? Do I need some kind(s) of new drivers?




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  • Big Smile

    Just figured out the solution for the AmbiCom WL54-CF driver issue I encountered for my Axim X50. The support drivers shipped out with my Wifi card were for Windows XP not for my pocket pc. To get the correct drivers go to , select support tab, choose wl54-cf (WinCE,Linux), Then download file pocket pc 2003/2003SE to your desktop. Open zip folder select wl54gcfppc2k3 setup.exe and follow instructions. Perform activesync function, remove Axim from cradle and soft reboot your Axim by pressing the reset button on the back with a stylus pin. Install AmbiCom wifi card and follow instructions. To verify connection select tower icon on Axim upper tool bar, or go to programs-settings-connections-network cards. You should also see your wifi card name listed in the network adaptors listing. Enjoy! 

  • So your X50 didn't come with built in wifi?  My 520MHz did.

    I'm glad you have it working.  Too bad you had to take up your CF slot, though.

  • Yep, mine is just a 416 MHZ. It's ok for a starter unit to play around with for now.