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axim 50v help


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axim 50v help

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“Hi, Well I cannot afford a more expensive e reader .   My son had a dell axim, he said i could use with the same results.  It is a Dell axim 50v. I have managed to get two ebooks downloaded onto my laptop. Does anyone have any idea how to get the files from my laptop onto the PDA. I would appreciate a quick answer since I am leaving on vacation next wed 6/17/09 and I do not want to haul around my usual tons of books. So please please please help..

  Thanks in advance. Candy B.”mor

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  • This reply may come too late for your trip, but it may help others seeking the same information in the future.


    There are several means to move files to your PocketPC (PPC) device:


    1. A sync cable through Microsoft ActiveSync (Windows XP or older) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista or newer):

    Many PDAs in the market adopt to the standard mini-USB (type A) connector so the sync cables are interchangeable, in theory, but sadly, Axim uses its own dedicated sync port and cable so you must have one to use this option.


    2. Send files using Bluetooth or IrDA (infrared), but your computer must support Bluetooth or Infrared.  If not, this can be added, and a Bluetooth dongle is relatively cheap.


    3. Take out the memory card and transfer files using a USB card reader on your computer.


    Please note:

    a) Like on your computer, you need to have the equivalent PPC application that can open your files installed on your device.  Which application to install depends on your ebook files, e.g., PDA files can be opened using Adobe Reader for Pocket PC:

    b) Some applications need to install from computer to device using ActiveSync and the sync cable.



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