I am new to this, so please bear with me.

1.  I just moved from a Palm Z31.  I had my calendar data in the desktop file marked Date.  When I synced with Outlook in prep for the X3, my calendar data flashed by as an increasing number of reminders, and no data went into the calendar of Outlook.  What happened?  How can I get the data inro the calendar?

2.  I got a message saying that the backup battery is low.  Upon further investigation, I found another message saying that it had failed.  What can I do about that?  I did not see a simple tway o replace the backup battery.  Where is it?

3.  I was intrigued about the possibiity of using the unit with WiFi.  What kind of a card can I get to put into the slot to make that possible?  How does it work?

4.  I just found out that the X3 was discontinued.  What replaced it?  I do not want to use one unit for communication and storage of my important data, such as a blackberry type unit.  What are others using who might be in my situation?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!