Hello, I am new to all of this and I just recently acquired a Dell Axim x51 after using an Axim x5 for several years.  I am having 2 major problems and since there is no help for this, I am hoping to get some assistance from one of the Dell community who have had experience.

#1 Issue - I have the install disk and I have run it on my PC which is running Vista 64 bit, and on my laptop running XP and I cannot get either to recognize the device.  I have put Active sync in, taken it out and re-installed it on both computers and it recognizes the pda, but Active sync just spins for hours without ever syncing the device to the computer.  I thought initially it was an issue with Vista, so I tried the same thing on the laptop and had the same problem.  Can anyone please give me some ideas to try to see if I can get this to work?  I got the Axim x51 so I could access the internet and read e-books and listen to mp3's but so far I am not able to do any of this.  I had better luck with my x5 and didn't have the internet, but it was functional every other way at least.

#2 Issue -  I don't know how to configure the device to run the internet.  It has the wifi care built in, but I've tried to follow the instructions in the book and am having no luck with getting connected.  I get on and there are 2 or 3 different choices and I don't know enough about wifi to be able to choose the correct options.  I have Time Warner Roadrunner internet service and we run the faster speeds for my son's gaming.  I don't know if that info helps or not, but I am desperate here, lol!  I have a beautiful new device I can't figure out.  I sold my x5, so I am stuck with what I have now.  I hope against hope someone can help an old lady who is technically challenged!

Thank you for any assistance  you can give me.  You have no idea how much I appreciate anything you suggest.  , thank  you for your help.