How can I transfer all my Windows Word 1997-2003 files and my PIM data from my Axim X5 (Pocket PC 2002) that synchronizes with ActiveSync 3.5 and Outlook 2000 to an iPAQ 210 (Windows Mobile 6) that uses ActiveSync 4.5 that is not compatible with my outdated device?

For the last year, I have been using a PC with XP Professional SP2 and 3. Eventually, I was able to "downgrade" the Outlook to Outlook 2000 to synchronize the PIM data, although the program doesn't work properly on my PC. Is it possible to upgrade the Outlook 2000 without losing the data? Or is there another way to transfer the PIM data? Neither BirdieSync nor Dotfred go back beyond 2003. I really hope a data transfer is possible!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.