First, let me say what a lousy customer service department Dell has.  I own one Dell desktop, two laptops and two PDAs and all I needed was a simple answer to a question. But apparently Dell has chosen not to help their customers without hitting them up for a bribe, excuse me, a "service charge. "

 When it came to posting in this forum, it took me an hour to figure out how to do it - instead of simply listing a catagory clearly labled  "Post New Question", the helpful fellows at Dell first make you go on an elaborate Easter Egg hunt to track down the correct site.

Now that I'm finally here, I really hope someone can help...

I have both an Axim X5 and an Axim X51, and have a home wireless network using a Linksys a/b router.   I have had no problem connecting with any of my laptops. I have several internet CF cards. However, the  Axims' internet connection forms do not seem to have any option for anything besides a dial-up link.

Is there some sort of update that will allow these units to connect more easily? I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you